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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Spring fever has set in and JJ and I are sooo ready for the sun. Tennessee has had some tornado warnings and after taking shelter underground we knew we needed a get away to some sun! We took a weekend trip to Southern Carolina to a beach called "Edisto Beach." 
I have never been to S. Carolina before so I was excited to see another new state and beach. It was so interesting to see all the southern homes and plantations along the way. Neat trees with spanish moss hanging wildly down over the streets. The south is full of new surprises. 

JJ took care of everything; drove the entire way there and back, booking the sites, food, setting up camp, and a two hour massage the first night. He consistently asked me "can I get you anything" I am soooo taken care of. I went through a super low energy spell before we left and was feeling pooped everyday, it became hard to even cook and practice yoga so this get away was 'just what the doctor ordered' if I saw a doctor. 

We enjoyed walking the beach and getting some fresh vitamin D. I practiced some yoga on the beach while JJ tended to the furry children.
I am sooo blessed and incredibly thankful for this man, he is the Love of my life and he treats me like gold.
This pregnancy has been very connecting for both of us as well as for me with my body. I am carefully watching my body change and my bump grow.  I am getting much more of an appetite back and still haven't thrown up from the morning "awareness" that comes within the first few weeks. I am so excited to lay out in the sun with a large belly, it will feel so good!

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