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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking Back The NIght!

Since the birth of Amazing Grace, I have given up my nights of movie watching, late night social gatherings, making Love to my man, or any other event that used to occur after 9:00 pm.  I decided early on that nursing my child on her demand was going to be my practice as a mother.  Why you ask?
Well, I strongly believe that babies use mothers milk for so much more than food, they use it for emotional support and connection, to release negative energy, for comfort, for digestion, for relaxation, building the immune system with antibodies and so much more, and to strip that away too early can have a shockingly negative emotional and physical response that can stick for a long time, even an entire lifetime.  I told myself that I would wait til  Mazi was at least two before I tried to wean her in anyway.  After two her immune system will have gotten stronger and her body will be able to function properly on its own.  Before the age of two an infants body is being so supported by the mothers milk. For example, 1 drop of mothers milk contains around 1 million white blood cells. This milk helps fill the immunity gap that exists until the child's immune system matures, usually around age two of life.  In my opinion...yes, I like to add my opinion to my blog...this concept alone could be a huge cure to our national health crisis, which is currently filled with degenerate diseases, weakened immunity, extreme emotional neglect and suffering. All because our fast pace lives make us wean our children too early, so we are suffering in other ways.

Amazing Grace is 23 months now, she's very aware of her body and her emotions.  She has been potty trained since she was 19 months and she wanted to do it. We facilitated her.  She has been sitting on a baby potty and using it daily, in the mornings, since she was born.  She has never had an issue using a potty or sitting on one because she has always known what they are and what they do.  She is aware of her body and can control herself, with a little guidance of course.  We have never baby proofed our home, we simply taught her from the beginning what she could and what she shouldn't touch.  She got it, quickly, like most kids do with direction.  When Mazi looses her cool, gets angry, or is just simply upset about something in her world, we help remind her to take deep breaths and calm down. It works almost every time! Just the reminder to breath it out!

...but before she could understand this, her only method of cooling off or feeling better about anything was the magical medicine of her mother's milk!!!

Now, I'm not weaning Mazi because emotionally she isn't ready to let go of the comfort and support of nursing but I am moving toward helping her sleep without my breast in her mouth, this way she is learning the tool of sleeping on her own and soothing herself in a place where she is already incredibly comfortable....our bed.  Yup, I'm in it too....this is a different story for next time though, how I'm going to get her outta my bed will be a post in itself when I discover that success someday.

Its so funny hoe she will fall asleep in the most bazaar locations without any help at all, but at home in the comfort of her bed she puts up the most fight!

I have just started to take a little bit back for me! I'm better for her by doing this and she is finally getting ready for this change, she understands far more than I realize.  

I need more time with her Mr Peek.  I need my quiet time.   We are all growing up and finding our space in this world, I know Mazi is far its been a great success.

Once I explain it all to her, give her some sleeping buddies, her blanket, tell her about her guardian angels and let her know mommy and daddy are right here then, she surrenders to the idea and gives her ok.  She will say goodbye mo-tay.  She wants us to rub her and sing to her til she falls asleep, which we do, every night now. However, this is a good transition from nursing all night and having to stay in bed snuggled next to her all night long.

I am so proud of her, she doesn't want to grow up yet and when I talk about having no more milk, she shakes her head no and says "mo-tay when the sun comes up!" for now this is being respected and we take that step when she feels more confident and ready.