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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Placenta Encapsulation

After the birth of my Amazing Grace I took capsules of my dehydrated placenta for almost a month. Everyday twice a day I ingested my placenta. I have been asked by many people "Why?" did I choose to do this.

Many cultures have been known to eat their placenta after giving birth to it. Animals all do this instinctually why is it that Americans forgot about this part of giving birth?
The placenta is full of nutrients and blood protecting and nourishing our baby as it grows inside us women.  We gave lots and lots of energy and time to grow this for our growing babies and then we push out the child and this vessel of nutrients. This leaves the mother fatigued, tired, low in iron and blood and now having to care for a child in that state.  Recovery from birth is a very challenging one. Having a newborn to care for while the body is in a state of extreme healing and recovery is nothing more than utter exhaustion. Plus, a woman's body after birth is going through a rush of hormones that are all out of balance. This is what leads to "postpartum depression".

80% of mothers experience this in the first days and weeks, sometimes even months after giving birth.

The baby feels this as all emotions are passed through the mothers breastmilk. Some mothers get on antidepressant drugs and pass those onto their newborn baby through the breastmilk. All this can be dealt with naturally with Placenta consumption.  Its because the placenta gives the mother back her nutrients and energy. Filled with iron and nutrients, plus protein, the placenta is an incredible part of the healing process.

I noticed immediate results.  My husband would start to notice my mood changes and would go get me two pills. Almost instantly, I would feel better and more like my self again.  After birth the woman's body will bleed for sometimes weeks. Imagine all this blood loss and nothing replacing that back into the body thats feeding a new life. I was taking walks the very next day after giving birth. I felt decent for just giving birth.  I was living in Tennessee and found it hard to be away from friends and family to share my experience with so I did undergo some sadness and feeling of homesickness but without the pills I know I would have been a mess.
How I felt about nursing and walking on day 2 of  being a Mom!!

 I live in Tennessee and found a woman who started a company called "beautifuldawnings" I called her the day of my birth, she showed up with a cooler, took my placenta, came back the following day with capsules, a tincture for future use, a dried up heart shape of my baby's cord, and a stamped print of the placenta on a piece of paper. The placenta is naturally the shape of a heart...isn't that soo cool!!! so the print is a heart of blood stamped by the placenta. I know I know this sounds weird but to me its beautiful!

 I recommend to every new mother to search out in your community where you can find someone to encapsulate your placenta and enjoy every minute of healing with your experience of  motherhood. Because no one should feel sadness while holding a bundle of joy and no one should be so tired that they miss out on all those times of staring at a sleeping newborn and being filled with gratitude!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Personal Transformation

I am starting to feel a little less foggy in the head. I felt like since the birth of Amazing Grace my mind has been filled with a thick fog. I have been incredibly forgetful and I have had absolutely no room for new information to be stored...unless it was dealing with baby health and wellness. JJ would talk about the news and current events and my mind would shut off.  I would stare blankly thinking..."what is the importance of this, it doesn't matter and I don't want to think about it"... does it? does it matter whats going on in the world?

Before I was a mother I didn't stop thinking about current events and the falling apart of the planet and our people.  Now, I look at Amazing Grace and I think..."its not falling apart, its changing and the change will have balance like it always has. Look at my baby, she's perfect, she's new, she's....Amazing! and she is here now on this earth sharing it with us all. Nothing to me, is more important than her.  The world will be just as it needs to be for her too."... I will continue to do my part and be an example of the person I want her to be but I too believe that she will probably show me a better person than myself and I will end up wanting to be like her.

I started to come out of this fog and I needed a change, QUICK! I don't want to fall back to old habits, old patterns that tend to sneak up if not stopped. JJ was highly encouraging and pushes for my changes. He drove me to a salon, made me an appointment and has been the best support in my life. He runs his fingers through my head everyday and even styles it himself. He tells me daily how much he loves it and how beautiful I am.

Yup, I did it! I cut off ALL my hair. I always wanted to have short hair, not because I like it, but because I want to experience it in this life. What is it like to have short hair. To wake up and its not in your face, to go on a jog and not tie it back and midway through the jog have to stop and put it back because it fell out, to not wait half the day for it to dry, to not spend so much money on conditioner, to not have to wear a hat when the windows down in your car, to not have little tiny hairs fall out of your ponytail and tickle your face, to not worry about taking out the large dread lock after a wonderful love making session with your husband!  Oh, I wondered...I wondered what it was like...

Now I know!

Its really really nice!!!

Simple. Just the way I like things to be in life.

What I didn't know is that my hair had a history. A long long history. I have had long hair most my life. I have cut it to my shoulders twice before but always grew it right back out. Never had I cut it all off to fresh, new hair.

It was like I was storing past emotions in my hair, an old me that needed to be released. I couldn't see her because she was trapped in an old suit. Once I cut my hair off it was like the new Tarah, the mother, the wife, the yogi, the health lover, the nature girl came flying to the surface. I didn't need a job to define me, I didn't need long hair to be a woman of the earth, I didn't need a business or anything else I am here and I am growing up with my baby and my new husband. This is me, this is Tarah Lynn Peek. I am free!

Spring FEVER!

It has felt like such a long winter this year.  In the past I would look forward to winter for the skiing, snowshoeing, and watching the snowfall.  With a new baby and being in Tennessee none of that was on my list. This year I was mostly inside watching my Amazing grow and develop into a beautiful baby.  She is so full of curiosity and her personality is perfect. We did find a lot of time to be outside but the weather in Nashville is such a drag. Its either windy, rainy, or just gloomy without any white coverage.

There has been many changes inside however!

JJ and his mother helped make our little cave into a light filled basement. They had some windows punched out of the walls and in our bedroom to let the much needed sunshine into the house.  Mazi and I have been much better with the extra sunlight.  There is nothing like waking up with the sunshine.

Trying to get enough vitamin D these days is a challenging one. I am addicted to the sun and its much needed nourishment.

We have been visiting the local flea market and finding some old treasures to redo and place around the home, and we redecorated the living room to add some much needed change to the inside flow of things. Seeds are planted and growing in the window sills and we are trying to be so patient as we wait for spring to come.

Mazi is already a child of the outdoors. She sleeps best when on a walk. Going outside can always calm her down if she gets stir crazy and she watches out the window longing for her time outside each day. Rain or shine we venture out daily to give us some fresh air. She has been a trooper with all the weather. Tennessee can present such dreary weather and it lasts for days. We are currently in a 4 day overcast/rain spell right now and my frown hasn't been turned upside down.

I sure do lose a lot of inspiration for writing and being creative during these times of life and I feel as though I should be the most creative so I can show Mazi all the incredible things about life. My energy is low, my mind is too active but mostly on the the past and future, staying present is a challenge. I am so thankful that I have time for Mazi each day and she is what occupies my every moment of every day. I am just watching her grow, practicing multitasking, cooking new foods, and waiting...waiting for the sun to shine and take us out of this stagnation we are in.  I even caught a cold to make it all just a little more challenging.

I miss home, I miss my family and friends and I am in-LOVE with my own little family. Its the Yin to the Yang of life.

I personally, have gone through some much needed changes of my own this winter and already feel the new me starting to sprout, where it will take me? Thats left up to the almighty!