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Well I didn't make it to 40 weeks, I had Miss Mazi 3 weeks early. It was a wonderful birth. One I could repeat again. 4 hours from beginning to end!!! I was holding my little girl elated and stage three (placenta birth) slipped out without effort. (for more details look under "Birth of Amazing Grace" on the home page)

The things I believe helped me the most with my childbirth were:

Yoga-This was by far the best for preparing my body and mind for the pregnancy and birth. I was strong, healthy and mentally knew I could deliver my baby from the very beginning. Yoga gave me that awareness and strength I needed. The meditations I did after my physical practice helped me connect to my divine spirit and to the spirit of my baby bringing us a deeper connection and mode of communication. They also prepared me for the journey through childbirth.
Herbs- I took a tincture called "Gentle Birth" from Mountain Meadow Herbs. This I took twice a day for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy to help prepare my uterus and body for the journey. Its a tincture you add to water or juice.
I also rubbed primrose oil along my perineum to help with lubrication and stretching. My baby wasn't big but my area was saved by this oil with only a small tear that required no stitches and healed within a week.
Sex- JJ and I practiced slow, romantic, love making sex. My midwife encouraged this for the hormones and for the natural lubrication that it gives the cervix and helps it to soften during labor. Plus, it is so wonderful to connect with your partner and baby all at once through LOVE.
Support- JJ believed in me and had no worries about the birth or that I could do it. He knew this is what the woman's body was meant to do and that it did it well without any intervention. He listened to me and was there the entire time by my side and looking into my eyes.

Really that was it. Keeping a good attitude each day of my pregnancy as best I could was what helped me through it all. 


36 Weeks (one month to go)
Weight Gained-
I have now gained a total of 25 pounds...I have one more month to go and may hit the grand 30 pounds 
Stretch Marks-
I am happy to say that I have not gotten any stretch marks and my skin looks so pretty. I rub my belly all the time and give thanks for the magic it contains.
Belly Button-
It hasn't popped out, but it looks awfully silly at the moment.
My mood has turned to appreciation. I recently returned from a trip home to Utah and I was lavished with gifts from friends. Sharing their finished baby goods and supporting me with literally buckets of items that I will be able to use. I have all that a baby could need and more. This life has treated me so well and I am full of gratitude and thanks. Everyone has made this journey so joyful and stressless. Thanks to ALL!
Now that I have little room for my stomach to rest I am rarely hungry. When I do get hungry I still have a hard time finding what food I want vs what food I may need.  I am snacking more and eating smaller meals. Still love me some fruit almost always.
I am getting use to getting up and eating a small snack, many potty breaks as well. I am feeling like I am getting enough sleep though. As long as I take it easy during the day when my body says enough is enough then night time isn't so bad.
New Ideas-
Acceptance! If it doesn't turn out the way I planned or the way I desire to accept the outcome and feel gratitude.  Go with the flow, like a river current.
I just got the book "Diaper-Free Baby" by Christine Gross-Loh and am so excited to try this new adventure of having a baby who communicates when to eliminate instead of pooping all over itself.  According to some mothers testimonials, an infant can communicate from day one when to potty and some have gone their entire lives without EVER being in a diaper. I have 6 cloth diapers just incase but I am ready to take on this challenge. Follow along in future blogs for the turn out!!!
I love every new stage and every new sensation. Good and bad! This is a remarkable experience and I have the best support with my family and with my wonderful and incredibly attentive partner.  I am so shocked with the wisdom of the body and what a miracle it is that we don't even have to pay attention and it will still grow human life.  We are  Amazing!! That is why my baby is named "AMAZING!"

31 Weeks
Weight Gained-
I have now reached 18 pounds of extra weight...and I can totally feel the difference.  Being out here in the South there are many overweight/obese people, I look at them now and say 'oh your body must really ache all the time I don't know how you do that to yourself for no reason.' 
Stretch Marks-
Belly Button-
It is trying so hard to creep its way to the surface. It is still in but I don't know if it will stay there for 2 more months.
I feel content mostly,  I like chillin. I don't have much ambition to do things in the city, the energy is too much for me right now and doing things alone doesn't intrigue me at all. I enjoy when JJ gets home from work and I can watch him do his manly things around the house.
I feel full a lot. I still like fruit and have LOVED watermelon. I mostly snack during the day with fruit, crackers, nuts, and then at night I make dinner for us and I drink lots and lots of water and iced tea. Deciding on food has been a big struggle this pregnancy, I really don't crave too much.
Toss and turn, toss and turn. I just want to sleep on my back! My hips ache and at night my belly gets sooo tight.
New Ideas-
These past two weeks haven't been to creative. I have old ideas that I'm sitting with. Strange how I will have a burst of creative thinking and then everything screeches to a halt and I am left with a blank slate. Oh, and my mind is sooo forgetful right now, I forget the simplest words like "shop" ya, its kinda embarrassing!
I am re-reading "The Continuum Concept," this book is the most fantastic book I've read about parenting. I read it about three years ago and going through it again with a bun in the oven has made me so thankful I was introduced to it. Truly the most profound concept of how our species works when given only instinct.
I can feel JJ is becoming a bit impatient, he can't wait for Mazy to be here. I too am excited, but I feel I want to prepare our home more and get better equipped. We are both so simple and since we started sharing our life together it has remained a mellow pace full of fun and laughter without much needed. I intend to keep the pace simple and sweet even though we are adding another human to our family. We haven't got any baby supplies yet, except a few goods that were given to us from my dear friend Jeni. I don't even know where to start. The baby will be sleeping with us for the first year or so, so a crib isn't a big deal, but what about the rest??? What does a baby who is being raised simply look like? What is truly needed? So far, I have come up with a sling, cloth diapers, and a stroller. I don't know where to go from here!

28 Weeks 
Weight Gained?-
I've gained 15 pounds so far. This past month I haven't gained additional weight but my belly is sure growing large. I think the baby is taking it all and my body is staying stagnant for just a little while. I am sure in the next two months it will all change!
Stretch Marks?-
None, thank you JJ for rubbing coconut oil on my belly and boobs every night. I also rub it on in the morning.
Belly Button?-
It is sneaking closer and closer to the surface but its still in, turkeys not done yet!
I have been in a very content mood. Peaceful and taking life one moment at a time. I am ready to be around some family and in one month I will, but for now my chilled out life is really nice.
New Ideas?-
I have had some interest sparked and I want to take some trainings to be a Doula or a Midwife. Probably more of a Doula since I want to limit my time away from my family while its young. I would love to be there for my family and friends in their journeys through birth.
Still loving fruit and my green smoothies are tasting soo good to me now. My ultimate favorite is frozen juice popsicles, 100 degrees with humidity can really wipe out a pregnant woman!!! Cold is GOOD!
My back has been giving me some trouble with tight spasms in the evenings, I find relief only with a warm heating pad before bed then I can relax and sleep. I have been feeling extreme hunger in the middle of the night, usually around 430 am, so getting up to snack on some crackers and nuts has really interrupted my sleep...oh the joys of the body preparing itself for less sleep, how wonderful nature is.
AHHH help, I have ran out of books to read and don't know where to go. I think I am going to look for  some books about young children now instead of pregnancy and birth. Suggestions Please?????
My back has been the big bother these days. I feel so good when I get up, during my yoga practice I don't feel it at all, but around 400pm or so everyday I get this tight spasm in my mid back right where my bra strap secures...yes I have tried no-bra and it doesn't help...heat seems to be the only relief or a good swim. Other than that everything is smooth sailing. I notice that I feel like supporting my belly more when I go walking and holding it makes me feel so good and connected. JJ has heard the heartbeat by placing his ear on my belly and he has been singing the sweetest lullabies with his guitar to her daily. He even bought me a kiddie pool to lounge in and take the weight off during the hot days...nude is the best way to go! 
Loving this experience, can't believe I only have 2 1/2 months before our life is changed yet again. 

26 Weeks
Weight Gained?- 
I've put on about 14 pounds so far and I really feel it when I practice yoga. Arm balances become much more challenging additional weight like this.
Stretch Marks?- 
No, I can see my veins on my belly and around the waist much easier.
Maternity Clothes?-
 I am now wearing anything with stretch, I don't mind tight clothing but it must be stretchy. Dresses and skirts are wonderful or of course nothing at all...ahhhh!
Still only fruit and sweet things. My midwife said she would like to see me put on even more weight...I look pretty developed in my opinion...she gave me a prescription for ice cream...OK!
Books I'm Reading?-
 I am reading "Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding" chalk full of great information. 
Yoga Fixes?- 
Lately I have found meditating to be of the most comfort. My practices are becoming shorter and shorter lasting only about 45 min now and I meditate in lotus for a good amount of time.
I sleep very well about every other night. I find myself waking up at 4:00 am restless and around 6:00am i'm wide awake, then I crash mid afternoon. 
She moves so much now. In the middle of the night when I can't sleep it is because of her  energy. I talk to her and feel her while I lay in bed. I LOVE feeling her roll and kick, I am learning to feel for her body parts and it is so surreal.
New Discoveries?-
I am now feeling her spiritual energy inside me. I felt it around me mostly near my crown chakra (top of my head) from the beginning but now I feel it all through my second and third chakras around my center. She is very powerful and I find myself having to get grounded when her energy gets real active. Her frequency is very high and I can feel my heart race when she is really reaching out.
I have really come to understand much more the connection we all have with each other because I can feel her spirit in me and it has made me feel JJ's spirit sooo much more too.
Overall Mood?- 
Sensual, I have found myself loving to touch, even more than I did before. When ever I sit next to JJ I want to touch his soft skin and play with his hair, I am constantly reaching for him in the bed. I find myself staring at him as if I was a little girl examining his every detail. I am also constantly rubbing fabric and petting Sekoya. I love to be touched and rubbed and crave it daily.
Energy Level?-
 I have become much more aware of my hormone changes. I can tell when I have a rush of hormones I get tired for a good two days, my body seems heavy and I can almost feel the growth of Mazy's body and my uterus. Then it levels off again and I gain more energy. I have almost no energy when I first wake and after the sun goes down. 

6 Months

24 Weeks
weight gain?- 
I've gained about 13 pounds so far. I can't believe how much 13 extra pounds feels to carry around. It really does make a big difference on the frame of the body, so thankful my body knows how to do this for 9 months and then return to its original frame. What wisdom!
maternity clothes?- 
I am not wearing maternity clothes yet but all my clothes are really tight around my breasts and my belly. I like tight clothes when its not too hot outside. Its already 95 degrees outside here in Tennessee so 'no clothes' really feels the best. Gygi, my bestest friend, gave me a box full of loose flowing clothes she wore for pregnancy and they have been the best thing right now.
I LOVE hibiscus iced tea....mmm so refreshing and delightful. Also, watermelon is a perfect treat. JJ went on a midnight food run the other day and got me a dozen donuts, those went down really really quick!!!
Overall I am doing good. I feel lonely when JJ goes to work and I am left with the dogs for most of the day. I miss sharing this pregnancy with my sister, mother and friends and sometimes this makes me moody and teary eyed.
yoga fixes?- 
Right now the best fix is a surrendered baddha konasana (butterfly) with pillows and support and squatting is really nice on my back and hips.
new ideas?-
I am really interested in two practices for newborns. One is 'elimination communication' a way of communicating with the baby on when to release either poo or pee. Completely eliminating diapers all the way! Sounds wonderful! Also, baby sign language. Teaching the newly infant how to use their hands and eyes to communicate with us adults.
book i'm reading?-
I am reading Ina May's guidebook to breastfeeding. I will be breastfeeding solely for at least a year if not longer so I really want to know all the information I can get to provide the most milk and nutrients to our little Amazing One.
It has been difficult but I now have two body pillows and JJ rubs me every night. I toss and turn and sometimes just stare at the ceiling and rub my belly. All in all I know this is preparing me for whats to come as well as this is just for a short time.
best thing i'm doing?-
Swimming has become my favorite thing to do. I take the dogs, a lawn chair, a book, a floating raft, and a cooler of drinks and I swim for as long as I feel like it, just kicking around and talking to the Divine energy. It feels so good to be in nature and listen to the birds while taking all the gravity off my back and hips. I get my meditation in, I cool off and I soak up some fabulous energy from the sun. I feel so much better after my swim....just talking about it makes me want to get out there!!


20 Weeks (halfway!)
Wow, I know many mothers and women around the world have experienced such wonders with their bodies but I am shocked and inspired by what the female body can do.  I cherish the years I spent getting to know my body with Yoga and meditation, learning how each organ holds emotions and the body/mind connection, learning the pathways of energy and how to focus on spreading it throughout myself and to those around me, learning how to absorb good energy or rid myself of energy that creates chaos or stress, learning patience and discipline, learning to feel and connect with the Divine Love that fills my every breath and more than anything else conscious awareness of the moment.  Those years involved with my deepest Self have really helped me be apart of this change on such a spiritual level.  Each day I feel the magic thats going on inside me and have so much gratitude for this experience.  I am loving being pregnant. I am so glad I waited to be a bit more understanding of myself and more patient with the process.
I am at my half way mark of 20 weeks. The belly is definitely sticking out and all my organs are nicely pushed up to my ribs leaving me little space already below my boobs and my organs. I have a short torso so I am sure this is going to get even more exciting.  Mostly, I have found this process to make me even more grateful for JJ in my life. He has been the best support I could ever have. He is always caring for me and making sure I feel happy and comfortable at all times. He rubs my back and feet, everyday! I get to pick every restaurant we eat at, which is always a struggle since knowing what food I want is ridiculously difficult, how on earth do women get cravings?? I never know what to eat or even want to eat. I just make myself eat so I feel I'm doing good with giving my baby the nutrition she needs to grow.  JJ even took me out shopping for some summer dresses and was so patient and involved with picking ones out he liked, it was so lovely.  He tells me everyday how beautiful I am and that he is more attracted to me now than ever before, hard to believe but he is so genuinely sincere.
I am feeling so great even without lots of energy and I am taking so much time to meditate, ponder and absorb all the changes I am feeling within. I have been keeping track of my pregnancy week by week under the 'pregnancy and childbirth' link above if your interested in the progress, probably mostly for my Mom and Grandma's but whoever is interested, it is there.

The only big struggle I've had was with my sciatic nerve that got pinched in the process of my muscles and hips softening and settling in an awkward place. It got so irritated that walking, yoga, sleeping and any time I held still for too long it sent shocking pulses down my leg and through my butt. Finally, JJ made me go to a chiropractor, who was a wonderful woman, and after four mellow touch adjustments she set me back straight, aligning my hips just right. I was sore for that night but I am feeling so much better now and am ready to take on the world, or at least my little neck of it!

18 Weeks
Weight gained?
I have gained about 9 pounds so far.
Maternity Clothes?
Not yet, but I am wearing cotton with some stretch to it so all my clothes are stretchy. Jeans are very uncomfortable they are too stiff.
Stretch Marks?
Not yet...Phew
I wake up about 4 times a night to pee, disturbing my sleep. I use a body pillow which I place between JJ and I and I miss his warm body but this is the most comfortable way to sleep, my boobs and back ache at night.
Starting to feel slight movement of the amniotic fluid when she is moving inside me...soo cool!
Food Cravings?
I am enjoying potatoes right now and still lots of fruit. Finding food to eat is a struggle, I don't have a huge appetite other than to eat to keep something inside my belly. Fruit is always something I want. 
Feeling Sick?
Sometimes I will feel queazy when I think about food. I usually prepare meals daily and love spending time in the kitchen but for now that is the last place I want to be in. I am in and out quickly, usually with a banana or cereal or something else simple, so weird these changes are. 
Still set on it being a girl
Aches and Pains?
I am feeling some sciatic spasms, especially after a long walk or workout. Low back is starting to feel achy when sleeping, nothing some deep breathes can't handle.
Yoga Fixes?
Loving pigeon pose right now, I can sit in it forever.  Butterfly is lovely for my hips as well.  Also, a simple sun salutation seems to make all the back tightness go away.
Amazing Grace Peek (still)
Overall Feeling?
I am riding this ride. This month has really been one of growth and change in my body. I feel like I don't know it nearly as well as I did before pregnancy so I am just listening and feeling every change with gratitude and joy. I Love the process and I respect my body's wisdom, it knows exactly what its doing without me getting involved to much. It is a beautifully organized organism and I am just hanging out inside the skin enjoying the experience.

16 Weeks (birthday week)
Weight gained?-
I have gained 2 pounds, but I lost 5 the first month so maybe its more like I've gained 7 pounds...hmmm, I like the 2 pounds better, I'll go with that!
Maternity Clothes?-
No, I am still wearing my same old clothes, but I did like most of my clothes bigger, looser, and longer so I have many that were already oversized. When I wear my tight yoga tanks my belly tends to stick out and sometimes pushes the shirt up a bit showing my midriff.
Stretch Marks?-
No, I have lathered lots and lots of coconut oil with lavender all over my hips, boobs, and belly. My friend made me a lovely belly butter as well. I use twice a day. But my boobs feel very large.
Here is where I feel it the most. She must grow at night cause my body is very restless and I toss and turn so much. I struggle to get comfortable and my dreams are short and deep. Plus, I pee at least 4 or more times at night so I get woken up from that as well.
I don't feel her yet, but I do feel my uterus growing and the tendons that are attached to my uterus along both sides when they get stretched more. I feel my organs shifting to make room for the uterus as well and I feel lots of pressure on my bladder and sciatic nerve.
Food Cravings?-
I like anything sweet; cupcakes, cakes, donuts, icecream, fruit fruit fruit. I also want turkey and chicken all the time. For a 20+ vegetarian this is the strange part. I can't stand tofu right now, veggies make me very queazy, I can't even smell an onion and eggs are hit and miss daily. So potatoes and poultry are my stables..WTF?
Anything Making Me Sick?-
Sometimes I get nauseas when I go to the grocery store or walk into the kitchen. I LOVE cooking and usually look forward to grocery shopping but not now. I struggle with cooking and can't seem to find anything I want to cook because chopping vegetables makes me nauseas. The store is way to overwhelming and all I want to get is boxed organic soups or cereal. HaHa this is too funny.
We both believe its a girl. It feels like a girl, I see a girl and we have dreamed of a girl, except last night I dreamed of a boy, but I asked my body this morning and it said its a girl. I'll take either we don't want to find out.
Because she is soooo Amazing already we want to name her "Amazing" That way she will never forget what she is. We would call her "Mazy" or "May-Zee" for short.
Belly Button?-
It is nicely tucked away inside still.
Overall Feelings?-
Overall I have had little mood swings and I have felt very confident in my abilities. I have only lost it and vomited once and that was because of lack of food, it was straight bile, and very exhausting. I don't have much of an appetite and I eat few diverse things compared to my normal diet that is highly diverse and full of nutritious veggies and smoothies. My sciatic nerve has caused me some discomfort and I have some issues walking and sitting for long periods of time. I am enjoying the changes and have a constant feeling of FULL all the time.

15 Weeks

14 Weeks


       13 Weeks
                                                    12 Weeks

10 Weeks

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