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Monday, December 23, 2013

Mazi Meets Santa!!

We visited Santa at our local nursery which was a much more private setting than the malls. No kids were around except the cute little Santa's helper thats pictured with us. Amazing looked at the white bearded man who was approaching her and instantly wrapped her arms around my neck, started kicking her feet and burying her face in my chest. She would look at him but didn't want anything to do with him, and she really didn't like him entering her safety space. 
She has read many books about him and seen his picture all over but I'm not sure she realized he was a large fat Real man.  Its almost like she knew he wasn't the real deal and she wasn't going to be fooled.  He was an odd little santa, kinda insecure and closed off which really didn't help his energy around Amazing, who reads people very very well.

We sat next to him and she about jumped over my shoulder to get away she didn't want to have anything to do with this picture and to me it looks perfect!
Lets just say I think Mazi would be much happier if she were to be introduced to baby Jesus. She can't get enough of him and points him out in any nativity scene. we set up some christmas lights, a tiny tree and about 7 small nativity scenes around the house for our decor and she is inthralled with the baby Jesus in each one. 

These two photos were taken exactly one year apart... 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A winter in wonder land.

I'm back in Tennessee. Land of rain and traffic. I feel content in my heart for the time being. Spending thanksgiving with family is very comforting and filled with joy, and good food.
It has given me a warmth in my heart that hopefully, won't wear off for an extended period of time. 
I was welcomed by the arms of a loving man and a few of the dear friends I've made while I've been away from my home. Mazi was more than happy to see he father and wakes up every morning looking over to his side of the bed to check for his presence. When she sees him she squeals, "Hi Daa-Dee!" We both smile with the inner joy that only parents can have for such a sweet soul. I accept my place in life right now, it's not big, it's not noticed but it's where I am and I am suppose to be here. I see so much for me. My visions of creation and creativity are astoundingly strong right now. Somehow I don't know what direction I'm to go and where I'm to focus my energy outside of Amazing grace. For now I am just staying present and watching her explore her first Christmas season in her body of awareness.
She is loving the colors, the lights, the magical trees and her many many trips to the small privately owned toy stores that cover nashville. This season seems so special, even if I'm away from my lovely family I am with MY family. Our tree is 3 ft tall and filled with simple small glass balls. We have three stockings and I am looking for the perfect nativity scene that I can't live without. 
It's small. It's simple. It's what our life is right now and I am trying to embrace it. 
I must thank my family. Especially parents for the wonderful time in my home land. Those friends who took the time from their busy lives to be part of my world for a bit. I love you all so dearly and want you to know the importance you have in my life. 
Let the Christmas season begin! Ho Ho Ho!