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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dark Night In Candlelight

I've spent many nights lately, on the floor with only candlelight.  As I sit in my favorite position...Lotus.  I ask, I listen, I wait.  I watch the flame flicker and suddenly it becomes still, like my mind for a moment.  It comes to me with little surprise.  Its my Soul,  she's reconnecting again!!  I wait longer and realize what I already know.  Somehow, the things that make me tick, that keep me breathing are forgotten in this life of mine.  I get so sidetracked and very often distracted from the things I am moving toward.

LOVE. Family. The Way Of A Natural Life.

It seems that I know where I need to be but I get lost in the memories of what once was.  I was once again reminded that I am where I am suppose to be.

BE. This word of patience and stillness. So hard.

I wonder quickly to myself, as my mind must run its course of possibilities, Tennessee? The south? Away from my home? How is this my place? but it is and I know it.  I have all the time available here for Amazing...she is my answer.  I am to give her my energy, my attention, my time.  I do, but my mind still reaches elsewhere for that part of me I once knew. The old Tarah, whom lived for herself.  Amazing Grace will be what it takes to reconnect me to the deepest parts of me that even I couldn't access without her.  The important parts that give my Soul her purpose, the purpose that I must live up to.  I must stop thinking about myself, this is not my time.  Is it really so difficult to not be selfish in life?I have this need and desire to fulfill my ego...grrr the ego!

This is the time for Amazing Grace Peek.  She is an incredibly unique soul, born on the blue moon of August 31, in the magical year of 2012. The year where all the energies of the past built it up to give it enough attention to bring her here successfully...and it worked.  She is here on Earth, and she chose to be with me!!

I am going to give her the attention she needs and put myself, once again, on hold.  I believe that I will grow with her, together we will see the depths of our hearts and the nectar of our souls as they mature in arms, together as mother and daughter. I will be shown all I need by raising this little angel.

This is all for you Miss Amazing Grace. 

Amazing you have helped me see what life is about, the simple joys of each day.  You remind me of forgiveness and unconditional Love.  You have chosen your father and me to grow with you and to walk this world holding your hand.  I am forever humbled.  Forever grateful.  Looking into your eyes is like looking at Divine light, you carry the Grace of God little one. You melt my heart.  Thank you, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a mother.

Be still my mind!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amazing's First Summer (Part 1)

 This is a post of Pictures...

I take sooo many and would fill up most of everyone's time if I was to post them all individually so I crammed them into small, itty bitty collages.

This is the first summer, of many, for little Amazing Grace Peek. I am trying to keep up with her curiosity and excitement for life. Getting a little worn out but loving my time spent with her.  She keeps me laughing, her faces are to die for and she is the sunshine of my life.  Both JJ and I are CRAZY about our MAZI!!

We have tried out bike riding, cruising around in a "little tikes" car, had picnics with daddy, gone to the pool...many many times, visited friends and tried to fit in naps somewhere in between all that.

 Mazi's cousin CJ came to visit and they had such a good time together, he entertained her while I got some much needed break time...come back CJ!! Look at her faces...OMG!

 We joined the Peek family on a trip on the lake.  Captain JJ guided us for the day and set us up for quite the adventure as we navigated through a southern thunder storm. We all got soaking wet and broke a prop but landed in the harbor in one piece with only a few lost tears.

 Aunt Ambie and cousin Miloh came to visit for two weeks and it was a delight to share our every waking hour with these two, BBQs, walks, talks, and chillin with the babies was so nice. I personally can't wait to be near them again. These two girls NEED to grow up together!

Our family welcomed four new members. Pansey, Punkin, Pudin, and Posey. Some Long Island Red chickens. They have such funny personalities and are so fun to watch. Mazi is very entertained by them and other than eating their cage she talks to them and tries to mimic their calls. She is doing so good with animal sounds. She can mimic a horse, chicken, and airplane...oh yes, she loves airplanes.

Mazi is crawling, pulling up on everything, eating by herself, growing vampire teeth, potty's in the morning on a toilet, she says "Dada" "Mom""Up" "HI" and all kinds of other sounds that I'm not quite sure what they are yet.  She waves to everyone and everything and loves to clap at herself when she is proud of her achievements. She makes me laugh, even in the middle of the night when she tries to make new words as her dad and I try to sleep.

I'm trying to keep up with her and find she takes all my time, which for now is fine cause she is my world and she still uses me for her survival.  I am thrilled to give from my body. I am sooo grateful that I can do so. I find peace in the moments we share hugging and gazing at each other.

Thank you JJ for being patient with us.  We love you soo much as you make this learning experience much better because your our guy!