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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helpful Books I'm reading!

Here is a list of some wonderful and inspiring books that have changed so much of my perspective on pregnancy, childbirth and even on the first years of raising a child.
If your pregnant give yourself some time to read these and to connect to your higher self and your spiritual child for guidance.
Maybe your child wants to be brought into this world naturally. With the book "Spirit Babies" Walter Makichen will teach you some meditations to communicate with your child and get these questions answered.
The top four are AMAZING!! The bottom who have helped with the energy work side and holistic medicine side. I also keep a journal and document all my new inspirations and insights that come to me each day.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cleaning The Pregnant Body Of Toxins

 I headed to Utah for two weeks without JJ to watch my parents dog.  They had gone to Hawaii and of course that dog is their new baby. Who better to watch a dog, then... me?

While surrounded by friends and family I found myself busy busy busy again and missing JJ so much. My energy was simply drained from the change of pace. I wanted to feel energized again to give this growing body some juice. I know that the first trimester can be exhausting but I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t because I was having a toxic overload. When I would feel sluggish and tired in the past I would do a body cleanse from my liver down to my colon. Well, thats not going to happen while being pregnant, since its not a good idea to cleanse while growing a new human body, so I thought of the next best thing, a colonic! Oh joy, how fun this will be my very first colonic. (I’m being facetious)


I have asked myself that many times in the past but this time it came to me, it was what I needed to do to clean my body, you see the body stores a lot of its toxins in the colon, in fact most healthy people can hold up to 20 extra pounds of sludge in their colons, also the colon is where 60 varieties of microflora/bacteria that help with synthesis of folic acid(highly important in pregnant women), vitamin K and B complex. A impacted or toxic colon that leaks into the rest of the bloodstream called “leaky gut syndrome” contaminates the body with impurities and TOXINS, yuck! Not for this little body i’m growing, i’ll sacrifice my pride and stick something up my butt for the little gal. 
Now, I heard all kinds of things about colonics, good and bad. I heard all kinds of things about pregnancies and birth, good and bad. I personally hate hearing things, I learn the most from my own experiences and this was what I was suppose to do. 
I was recommended a place in S. Orem called “Whole Body Cleansing” the owner is Mia Majestro. The facility is clean and relaxing. She took me into a private room, I was alone the entire time, she gave me a heater and dimmed the lights, I sat on a fabulous thrown looking thing and yup, placed a lovely tub in the exit hole. The whole experience was comfortable and quite relaxing, to my surprise. I didn’t have any cramping or discomfort and when I was done my belly was flat, empty and I felt great, all day! A few sessions of this and I was squeaky clean and the new life I’m growing gets an opportunity to grow, without me pumping toxins into the bloodstream. Win-win for both of us!
As pregnant women we have a responsibility to give new life a fresh start, in the RAW, they are going to get enough pollution and junk once they are born into the world why not help their bodies grow in a pure environment thats squeaky clean. Its easy, its available, its your choice.
This is just another way to clean your body while your pregnant. It is a gentle natural process using nothing but water and your own system. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loving Change

With a couple....a team of humans...a partnership of humanity, views, emotions, morals, egos, differences, likenesses, strengths, weaknesses, confidence, insecurities, talents, ideas, upbringings, life experiences, beliefs, values, standards, and most importantly, love. When combined, these things become the elements that make up the spiritual and existential union  that is the Divine and therefore, is responsible for the transformation that permeates into the spirit that we have invited into this world. The beautiful part of all this is that our LOVE, and its unconditional nature, can and will create the most comforting and peaceful foundation for our little-one's spirit to sow its roots and begin its growth.
Tarah is the light of my life and the star I sail my ship by. 

We, as humans, are spiritual beings. Our reality is our own choice. Whether conscious, or unconscious. Commonly, our reality is an amalgamation of our past experiences and, when unrealized and unchecked through a common misunderstanding that it simply 'is what it is' and when we pay attention to what 'they' say, we become just another 'brick in the wall'. We, as conscious humans, are aware of our role in the most monumental and natural phenomenon in the universe...change. Change. A word that most do not like. An idea that most fear. A reality that is upon us all. The most important part about change is its undeniable natural existence. To exist is to evolve. Just as day turns to night and life gives way to death, everything changes. Beauty lies within these things called change.

In this day and age many things are changing, whether it is realized or not. In all of our personal lives, things are changing. As a couple, Tarah and I, are spokespeople for change. Not because we 'occupy' or picket on the steps of congress or because we burn ourselves in protest...we speak quietly by choosing a different way of life. A simple life. In a way that we both have valued independently for most of our own lives. A way of life that has been largely forgotten, or perhaps, lost in society. We don't live on the moon or anything, we are simply making a strong effort to live consciously. Conscious of ourselves. Conscious of our planet. Conscious of the way we choose to teach the next generation. We have chosen to be responsible for our actions during our short stay here on planet Earth. And to pass on the things that we believe will play an important part in the change to come. The conscious change

We are two very lucky people to have found each other and to share such a similar viewpoint on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness....that is to say, if you believe in luck. Through our own experiences in this life, we are growing into the people who are capable of sharing such a wonderful life together and to foster a truly adoring and supportive environment for our little-one. We share an eternal truth...LOVE. 

We make it a reality for each other through our selfless, untiring, and unrelentless drive to find that part inside of ourselves that brings light to this, the most enigmatic but basic energy....LOVE. Through this, all things are possible.

....cue the angelic choir... ;)   

Energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. It goes on in some shape, form, or fashion, forever. It is all around us. Everywhere and anywhere you may find yourself. The energy that is in me is for my Tarah. It is is never destroyed but has been created for her. Wherever and whenever she may find is there for her. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Natural Pregnancy

As the year has already proven to be an awakening one for most people, JJ and I have quite the adventure on our hands. We have awakened to our new role in life has examples, teachers, Lovers, and soon to be parents. We are expecting our first child this September.  We are both soooo excited and at 31 years of age, we are ready to be parents. A spark of inspiration has struck to share this life with anyone who is curious about a natural RAW life, done none other than the way it flows naturally.

JJ and I have been together for three years now and since the very beginning of our meeting we have talked about children and how we each saw ourselves as parents, not necessarily together in the beginning, but just as parents in general. Shockingly, our views were very very similar. As time continued and our relationship grew stronger and stronger we felt a strong spiritual connection between us that was undeniable. Before I moved to Tennessee we both shared our dream of having a healthy family with unconditional Love between us all. We consciously set out our intensions before we conceived on what it is we had to offer a spirit that was looking for an experience in a human body. We let the Divine know what we thought about becoming parents, what we could provide, how we would parent and what kind of birth we  desired to have and planned on having. Within a week we were pregnant! We both knew right away that our way was highly desirable by the spirit that has chosen us to be its parents.  Knowing that getting pregnant is not a easy task biologically and a miracle when it happens our emotions were full of joy and excitment for our future. We have now decided to share our method of pregnancy, birth, and parenting to all who can find some education and inspiration for a better, more natural way of living the RAW, the way nature was designed, with faith, courage and unconditional Love.

Another journey has just begun for us and we can't wait to share it with anyone who is interested in the experience of a couple who has had a natural pregnancy, a natural homebirth, and is raising their child the natural RAW way. I will keep updated weekly on the wonderful and growing moments of our beautiful life.

The pregnancy begins....