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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Natural Pregnancy

As the year has already proven to be an awakening one for most people, JJ and I have quite the adventure on our hands. We have awakened to our new role in life has examples, teachers, Lovers, and soon to be parents. We are expecting our first child this September.  We are both soooo excited and at 31 years of age, we are ready to be parents. A spark of inspiration has struck to share this life with anyone who is curious about a natural RAW life, done none other than the way it flows naturally.

JJ and I have been together for three years now and since the very beginning of our meeting we have talked about children and how we each saw ourselves as parents, not necessarily together in the beginning, but just as parents in general. Shockingly, our views were very very similar. As time continued and our relationship grew stronger and stronger we felt a strong spiritual connection between us that was undeniable. Before I moved to Tennessee we both shared our dream of having a healthy family with unconditional Love between us all. We consciously set out our intensions before we conceived on what it is we had to offer a spirit that was looking for an experience in a human body. We let the Divine know what we thought about becoming parents, what we could provide, how we would parent and what kind of birth we  desired to have and planned on having. Within a week we were pregnant! We both knew right away that our way was highly desirable by the spirit that has chosen us to be its parents.  Knowing that getting pregnant is not a easy task biologically and a miracle when it happens our emotions were full of joy and excitment for our future. We have now decided to share our method of pregnancy, birth, and parenting to all who can find some education and inspiration for a better, more natural way of living the RAW, the way nature was designed, with faith, courage and unconditional Love.

Another journey has just begun for us and we can't wait to share it with anyone who is interested in the experience of a couple who has had a natural pregnancy, a natural homebirth, and is raising their child the natural RAW way. I will keep updated weekly on the wonderful and growing moments of our beautiful life.

The pregnancy begins....


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