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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loving Change

With a couple....a team of humans...a partnership of humanity, views, emotions, morals, egos, differences, likenesses, strengths, weaknesses, confidence, insecurities, talents, ideas, upbringings, life experiences, beliefs, values, standards, and most importantly, love. When combined, these things become the elements that make up the spiritual and existential union  that is the Divine and therefore, is responsible for the transformation that permeates into the spirit that we have invited into this world. The beautiful part of all this is that our LOVE, and its unconditional nature, can and will create the most comforting and peaceful foundation for our little-one's spirit to sow its roots and begin its growth.
Tarah is the light of my life and the star I sail my ship by. 

We, as humans, are spiritual beings. Our reality is our own choice. Whether conscious, or unconscious. Commonly, our reality is an amalgamation of our past experiences and, when unrealized and unchecked through a common misunderstanding that it simply 'is what it is' and when we pay attention to what 'they' say, we become just another 'brick in the wall'. We, as conscious humans, are aware of our role in the most monumental and natural phenomenon in the universe...change. Change. A word that most do not like. An idea that most fear. A reality that is upon us all. The most important part about change is its undeniable natural existence. To exist is to evolve. Just as day turns to night and life gives way to death, everything changes. Beauty lies within these things called change.

In this day and age many things are changing, whether it is realized or not. In all of our personal lives, things are changing. As a couple, Tarah and I, are spokespeople for change. Not because we 'occupy' or picket on the steps of congress or because we burn ourselves in protest...we speak quietly by choosing a different way of life. A simple life. In a way that we both have valued independently for most of our own lives. A way of life that has been largely forgotten, or perhaps, lost in society. We don't live on the moon or anything, we are simply making a strong effort to live consciously. Conscious of ourselves. Conscious of our planet. Conscious of the way we choose to teach the next generation. We have chosen to be responsible for our actions during our short stay here on planet Earth. And to pass on the things that we believe will play an important part in the change to come. The conscious change

We are two very lucky people to have found each other and to share such a similar viewpoint on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness....that is to say, if you believe in luck. Through our own experiences in this life, we are growing into the people who are capable of sharing such a wonderful life together and to foster a truly adoring and supportive environment for our little-one. We share an eternal truth...LOVE. 

We make it a reality for each other through our selfless, untiring, and unrelentless drive to find that part inside of ourselves that brings light to this, the most enigmatic but basic energy....LOVE. Through this, all things are possible.

....cue the angelic choir... ;)   

Energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. It goes on in some shape, form, or fashion, forever. It is all around us. Everywhere and anywhere you may find yourself. The energy that is in me is for my Tarah. It is is never destroyed but has been created for her. Wherever and whenever she may find is there for her. 


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