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Friday, February 8, 2013

Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Mommy and Baby

Yes, I am struggling to find me time, me time to write, me time to sleep, me time to yoga, me time to meditate and it is ok....for now...the me is a WE.

Me time is now focused on my favorite new spirit, Mrs Amazing Grace and we are practicing the most basic parts of life eating food, and excreting the waste. She is getting it down perfectly.

We are Gluten-Free and Casein/Dairy Free.

 Ever since Mazi was 3 weeks old she needed a gentler way of digesting food, even if her food was Momma's milk.

 I noticed that Mazi was colicy and cranky and it wasn't because she was a baby, It was because the poor little thing was hurting. Most babies go through this and I was told "all babies go through this, its normal." I could tell she was very uncomfortable inside her body, this wasn't normal. It broke my heart, what was a new mother to do when her only care in the world is hurting? I watched her body wriggle and her face cringe with pain. I knew it was her little digestive system. After days of reading and talking to friends I realized I needed to try a new eating routine. My diet was now for my Mazi Grace and she needed a change.

I first started with cutting out all Gluten and Dairy from my diet. She did better but not perfect so I cut sugars other than fruit and gassy vegetables. My baby became a different child after about three weeks on this diet. She was content!

Now, Amazing Grace is  6 months, I have been eating this way the whole time and she has been solely breastfed.  Mazi is now recognizing her bowel movements and she is understanding her own body...I even notice her listening to her breath sometimes. Its incredible how intelligent she is!!


She is almost ready for solid foods and this has got me thinking do I keep her off gluten and dairy? Permanently? Such a hard choice to make as a mom I want her to experience all kinds of foods but I also want her to be comfortable and happy without allergies.

I have been reading about autism and the mind/gut connection and how many mothers dealing with boys and autism change their diet and most, if not all symptoms, go away. Allergies, digestive problems, asthma, ADHD, arthritis, eczema and many more ailments clear up and vanish!

Now Mazi is healthy and isn't dealing with any of these problems but what if they start coming on after she starts adding these foods to her system and her system gets toxic and inflamed?

These are my thoughts this is my concern. I am absolutely shocked at pediatricians not teaching or focusing on these topics and sharing with their patients the importance of food and child development. I for now will rely on other wonderful mothers and my intuition to decide how best to introduce my Amazing to the world of FOOD!

Until things change we are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free people!