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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Letting Life Live Me!

Change is the only constant!  An absolute Truth I can depend on, even when I crave a change it still feels shocking and I'm slightly apprehensive.
Our family is going to go through a huge change and I'm simply letting go and letting be! 

JJ has worked so hard to get us back to the west and back to the mountains, his hard work has paid off.  He got offered a job flying airplanes for the patients of Lander, Wyoming.   He has been flying private charter and is looking forward to a SET schedule and more family time!  We will be nestled in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains and in a small town of well, about 7,000 people!  Quite the change from the bustling traffic filled Nashville we have become accustomed to. 

As I prepare our family for a move across the country I can't help but reflect on the life we have been living.  We are all excited for the move, including lil Amazing, however, I find myself working through attachments I didn't realize I had.  Moving to Nashville has brought some of the biggest life changes and growth I have ever, been through thus far in life.  After four years of life here I have created a small community, realizing that a big city offers more distance from people and more loneliness than I had expected, yet the handful of relationships I have made here are so rich and contain so much depth that they will last this entire lifetime!  We gave birth to our daughter at The Farm in Summertown, Tn in a cabin in the woods, we then brought her home to the same house my husband was born in, at the Big Valley!  I learned and connected to the land, she gave us several years of abundant produce. I kept chickens and learned the personality of these silly birds and I grew and harvested many many of my own medicinal herbs.  I learned to be efficient with nature, how to be domestic, adaptive and full of surrender!  I lost my greatest partner, Sekoya and gained an incredible connection and bond with my daughter.  

I have struggled with all the colors of my soul and have been transformed into new perspectives and beliefs of Love, especially, love for Self and Nature, as these offer the strongest insight for spiritual growth and connection.  As I go about my last few days in this place I find myself I immediately go to all the positive things I'll miss a out my life here, the humidity, yes, I LOVE humidity as much as I love the dry desert.  It's like being in a detoxing sauna with an open sky and trees.  I don't even care that my clothes are always wet. I will miss the songs of the summer nights, an orchestra of insects, frogs, bats and soft winds!  I've never experienced thunderstorms like the southern storms, with rains that pour off the roof like a waterfall, ice storms that freeze each pine needle individually, deer, coyotes, turkeys flocking on the Big Valley land every early morning and evening. I will miss the live music every evening on every corner as all the music enthusiast strive for a record deal.  The made rush of healthy eating establishments and juice bars which I've grown so accustomed to being able to eat on the go at a juice bar! Oh and did I mention Trader Joes and my CSA.  I will truly miss these conveniences. 
This rich land which has graced our family with abundant organic produce and never ending medicinal herbs, often growing into winter.  Berries growing wild all over the property and numerous amounts of helpful weeds that have filled my over cluttered cabinet space. 

Letting life live me as taken my mind from trying to flee from this place to seeing so much greatness from this experience and the riches of a very healthy humid environment. I have created new beliefs from this experience and my perspective is one of understanding and gratitude.

 I am so thankful I took this step to change my world four years ago and leave my homeland.  To create a child and start a family in a new unfamiliar environment that pushed me to know ME deeper.  To stand by my man when I felt most disconnected and confused.  I am the woman I am because of this life I've lived in Nashville, Tn. The mother I am because of the availability to be present and attentive due to my hard workin man and the opportunities he was offered here.  The friend that I am because of the rich and special friendships that allowed me to truly be myself in whatever emotion I was feeling and they still cared and listened to me.  We became mothers together! Thank you girls, you know who you are and the place you hold in my heart!

I see so much Love for Nashville, as I prepare to leave this place, and I block out the constant traffic and chigger bites and wasp stings and mosquitoes and mildew and $30 parking and chigger bites and huge brown recluse spiders all over the house and bugs in the shower every morning and traffic and chigger bites!  

Letting life live me and surrendering to its magic and mystery has given me more gifts then what I could have ever given myself by planning it on my own. Surrendering myself has taken me to such deep waters and here the water is still even when the surface has so much turbulence.