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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cleaning The Pregnant Body Of Toxins

 I headed to Utah for two weeks without JJ to watch my parents dog.  They had gone to Hawaii and of course that dog is their new baby. Who better to watch a dog, then... me?

While surrounded by friends and family I found myself busy busy busy again and missing JJ so much. My energy was simply drained from the change of pace. I wanted to feel energized again to give this growing body some juice. I know that the first trimester can be exhausting but I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t because I was having a toxic overload. When I would feel sluggish and tired in the past I would do a body cleanse from my liver down to my colon. Well, thats not going to happen while being pregnant, since its not a good idea to cleanse while growing a new human body, so I thought of the next best thing, a colonic! Oh joy, how fun this will be my very first colonic. (I’m being facetious)


I have asked myself that many times in the past but this time it came to me, it was what I needed to do to clean my body, you see the body stores a lot of its toxins in the colon, in fact most healthy people can hold up to 20 extra pounds of sludge in their colons, also the colon is where 60 varieties of microflora/bacteria that help with synthesis of folic acid(highly important in pregnant women), vitamin K and B complex. A impacted or toxic colon that leaks into the rest of the bloodstream called “leaky gut syndrome” contaminates the body with impurities and TOXINS, yuck! Not for this little body i’m growing, i’ll sacrifice my pride and stick something up my butt for the little gal. 
Now, I heard all kinds of things about colonics, good and bad. I heard all kinds of things about pregnancies and birth, good and bad. I personally hate hearing things, I learn the most from my own experiences and this was what I was suppose to do. 
I was recommended a place in S. Orem called “Whole Body Cleansing” the owner is Mia Majestro. The facility is clean and relaxing. She took me into a private room, I was alone the entire time, she gave me a heater and dimmed the lights, I sat on a fabulous thrown looking thing and yup, placed a lovely tub in the exit hole. The whole experience was comfortable and quite relaxing, to my surprise. I didn’t have any cramping or discomfort and when I was done my belly was flat, empty and I felt great, all day! A few sessions of this and I was squeaky clean and the new life I’m growing gets an opportunity to grow, without me pumping toxins into the bloodstream. Win-win for both of us!
As pregnant women we have a responsibility to give new life a fresh start, in the RAW, they are going to get enough pollution and junk once they are born into the world why not help their bodies grow in a pure environment thats squeaky clean. Its easy, its available, its your choice.
This is just another way to clean your body while your pregnant. It is a gentle natural process using nothing but water and your own system. 

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