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Preparing your soil for next season: (Hay)

One of my all time favorite past times is GARDENING.  There is nothing like getting your fingers in the dirt with the sunshine on your while watching a sexy man using garden tools and man handling the earth with his shirt off, ya, that too is worth the back pain.  I just love it, especially with JJ, its so therapeutic knowing that soon the seed will turn to sprouting plants and those plants will produce vegetables that you eat, for FREE with nothing but organic Love from the sun and rain....Oh did I mention I love it!

Covered with hay, perfect for this year!
Last year JJ and I had a fall garden with some late crop vegetables.  After the season was finished and the deer ate off all they could eat, before we finished what we wanted little buggers, JJ cover the garden area with hay.

We didn't pull any plants or stems or weeds out of the ground. We simply left everything in place and just covered it with hay.
After the winter we moved the hay and the most rich, healthy soil was waiting for some seeds to be planted.  All the plants composted pack to earth.  We left some hay pieces for nutrients and even added hay in between our rows to keep out weeds.  Last year we placed newspaper in between the rows with dried grass and that also helped with weeds. We left it under the hay and the newspaper composted with everything cool!
Not one weed seed survived, moist, rich and ready to plant!

This was the best tip I have ever heard of, thanks JJ you smartie pants.  So easy, and all the nitrogen and goodness is returned back into the soil for feeding the next years crops.  I borrowed some of the soil for my beds this year and then planted some potatoes.  Can't wait to eat them all up!!

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