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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 YEAR!?!?!?

Not so fast...are the thoughts that are going on in my head. She has already shared one year of her life here on earth with JJ and I. I can hardly believe how the time has passed. I know, I've heard it from gets faster and faster each year.  Nothing can prepare me for the actual speed.

I remember her birth so well and the feelings I had once she was in my arms.  I remember the fear of early motherhood and all the personal challenges I had trying to cope without my family and friends. I remember her face, her breathing body and watching her sleep peacefully everyday, trusting that she was born into safe hands. I remember so much about this year, its so hard to believe its over.

I look back at pictures of her as a wee little baby and am so happy that I had the bond I had with her.  I held her through every moment of life that she wanted me too.

I offered her the comfort of my breast at her demand and I don't regret one minute of it.  There were hard times, in the car, on a walk, in public...EVERYWHERE, at night.  Sometimes it was real hard, I was so tired and my body felt drained but it continued to give its all to Amazing Grace. I write all this down so I will always remember.  She won't always need me like this, I can't think about that because holding her and feeding her and comforting her is what makes me move at this time in my life. She is my everything.

She has grown into such a unique and "Amazing" individual.  Her personality is developing so strongly and she cracks JJ and I up with her behavior.  When the first sight of day approaches she crawls up to my face, taps it somewhat gently and loudly says "Hi". Then she looks at JJ, waves and loudly "Hi". I wake up very smiley, she is adorable!

She says "Hi" to everything she sees. Her favorites are the tractor, the dogs, the chickens, airplanes, her bay doll (oh boy does she love that) the moon, her dad,  people around town, the birds and butterflies the list goes on and on.  Her little hand waves and she gives a big "Hi theeeeeee" meaning "Hi There" she is saying more and more words each day and her favorite way to point is with her middle finger.  She will look to us and say "This" as she wants to know what all the world is. She climbs on everything but is shy about standing on her own.

She is a natural fish and enjoys every source of water she can get into.

She loves to swing, her car, her wagon and to crawl around the yard and investigate all nature offers.

Eating is a joy but she has days where food is the last thing on her mind.

She could read books all day and she loves being held by JJ and especially, me.

Still is hesitant to be in the arms of any other, yet she wants her independence so bad. So funny.  She will laugh so hard at one thing but the second it stops the serious analytical face is back! Her squinty smile with her teeth clenched is the best thing I see everyday, I am so thankful I get to see her face so much.

 She potties every morning in her potty and she loves to brush her teeth the second she is done! Often before washing her hands...oh well! She loves the nude, the boob, and water! Oh, I could go on and on about this little girl and the quirky things that make her...her.

We are throwing a birthday bash here on the farm with her family, whom she hasn't met yet. It will be the greatest celebration I've put on so far.  I do wish my family and friends from back home were here to help us party it up on the 31st of August. I will post pic and video of the event.


I'm so thankful to be your Momma and I couldn't do it without this guy!!! Love You Mr Peek!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

World Breastfeeding Week!

Her First Latch Of Life
Last week was world breastfeeding week.  I practice breastfeeding, quite openly actually, embarrasing my mother when I whip it out in public. I do it because my Mazi doesn't like to eat under a blanket. If I cover her up she throws the cover off and looks at me with an expression of, "Mom, I can't see when you do that!" Her eyes move back and forth as she studies the world around her while secure and safe on the breast of her mother...ME!  She sits in her sling, attached to my hip and takes in her surroundings.  Still, my child prefers me to another holding her, except her father, of course.  I allow her all the time she needs now to prepare her for a confident future.  Its not always easy, in the middle of the night I am feeding her still and she wants me so often during the day that I am unable to get away for longer than 2 hours. I miss time on the town alone with my loving and patient husband. A weekend getaway is out of the question til mazi no longer needs me to be close, but still I choose to breastfeed and sacrafice time for me until she is older and mentally ready for life unattached!
Day Two Of Breastfeeding, Great Latch. Growing Strong!

I know this way of thinking is, well...ancient... and practiced by may cultures, except ours. I find it natural and easy.  I don't think about it, I simply respond to Mazi's natural instinct to stay close and to sip her mothers milk for comfort.

Loving My New Role As Mother
I am privileged that I am able to breastfeed. My body loves it and produces good milk. I am thankful that my nipples are easy for my baby to latch onto, as I know some whom have struggled with their little ones latching.  I am so very thankful for the bond this has created for both me and Amazing, we are so close and I believe this trusting relationship will last our entire lives if its continually cherished.

Gazing Into Each Others Eyes
Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed our young.  Our milk is designed for our babies and produces the best formulated food for them.  Even if we were malnourished and suffering from a famine our milk will drain our own bodies and feed our young a balanced diet. We are Divine creatures and we don't even have to do much to make this happen.

Feeding And Comforting At Night
Breastfeeding Giggles! The Best!
I hear of some who think that breastfeeding is a burden or they simple don't have time for feeding their babies from their bodies. I am sad for our humanity when women have come to this way of thinking.  Every child deserves that bond and nourishment in the beginning of life. The LLL (Le Leche League) has a list of women whom share their milk with mothers who are unable to produce their own. Even another human mothers milk is far better than synthetic formula or milk from another animal, usually pumped with hormones that make our children grow far too big, too fast.  We all do what we must and I respect everyones personal decision. I only wish I could help all those mothers and babies who need help with breastfeeding.  It is such a glorious thing we can do as mothers.

A Moment Of Comfort In The Middle Of The Day
Getting Comforted In The Chaos Of Traveling
So, in light of last week I say BREAST IS BEST!!! Happy Breastfeeding Year! I will be on the wagon  for at least another year!