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Monday, August 12, 2013

World Breastfeeding Week!

Her First Latch Of Life
Last week was world breastfeeding week.  I practice breastfeeding, quite openly actually, embarrasing my mother when I whip it out in public. I do it because my Mazi doesn't like to eat under a blanket. If I cover her up she throws the cover off and looks at me with an expression of, "Mom, I can't see when you do that!" Her eyes move back and forth as she studies the world around her while secure and safe on the breast of her mother...ME!  She sits in her sling, attached to my hip and takes in her surroundings.  Still, my child prefers me to another holding her, except her father, of course.  I allow her all the time she needs now to prepare her for a confident future.  Its not always easy, in the middle of the night I am feeding her still and she wants me so often during the day that I am unable to get away for longer than 2 hours. I miss time on the town alone with my loving and patient husband. A weekend getaway is out of the question til mazi no longer needs me to be close, but still I choose to breastfeed and sacrafice time for me until she is older and mentally ready for life unattached!
Day Two Of Breastfeeding, Great Latch. Growing Strong!

I know this way of thinking is, well...ancient... and practiced by may cultures, except ours. I find it natural and easy.  I don't think about it, I simply respond to Mazi's natural instinct to stay close and to sip her mothers milk for comfort.

Loving My New Role As Mother
I am privileged that I am able to breastfeed. My body loves it and produces good milk. I am thankful that my nipples are easy for my baby to latch onto, as I know some whom have struggled with their little ones latching.  I am so very thankful for the bond this has created for both me and Amazing, we are so close and I believe this trusting relationship will last our entire lives if its continually cherished.

Gazing Into Each Others Eyes
Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed our young.  Our milk is designed for our babies and produces the best formulated food for them.  Even if we were malnourished and suffering from a famine our milk will drain our own bodies and feed our young a balanced diet. We are Divine creatures and we don't even have to do much to make this happen.

Feeding And Comforting At Night
Breastfeeding Giggles! The Best!
I hear of some who think that breastfeeding is a burden or they simple don't have time for feeding their babies from their bodies. I am sad for our humanity when women have come to this way of thinking.  Every child deserves that bond and nourishment in the beginning of life. The LLL (Le Leche League) has a list of women whom share their milk with mothers who are unable to produce their own. Even another human mothers milk is far better than synthetic formula or milk from another animal, usually pumped with hormones that make our children grow far too big, too fast.  We all do what we must and I respect everyones personal decision. I only wish I could help all those mothers and babies who need help with breastfeeding.  It is such a glorious thing we can do as mothers.

A Moment Of Comfort In The Middle Of The Day
Getting Comforted In The Chaos Of Traveling
So, in light of last week I say BREAST IS BEST!!! Happy Breastfeeding Year! I will be on the wagon  for at least another year!

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