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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Inspiration and Change

Things are getting exciting here in Nashville, Tennessee. Both JJ and I feel the pace "quickening" for us.

Bobbi is finding more homes each day and has almost narrowed down on one in particular that she loves. We wish she would stay with us and enjoy life off-the-grid, she just declines. Perhaps she knows she'll be put to work again and in her soon to come retirement she is avoiding work at all costs.
JJ and I have seen many visions of what is to come for us, amazingly they are the same vision for both of us. Our direction and path is completely the same, how nice to feel the synchronicity of life.
We have spent hours upon hours talking, late into the nights, about where we see ourselves as soon as we are through with our job here. The world is changing so quickly and we feel that there is no more time for procrastination, the energy is pushing us forward, with purpose.

The weather is gloomy, and brisk so I spend many hours researching, studying, meditating, practicing yoga, and cooking with the fur babies (dogs).  Images and ideas are pouring into my head with vengeance, showing me where to look, what to do and how to do it all.
We are too excited for whats to come in all aspects of our life together and especially in the change that the world will soon feel.

Such inspiration has struck me again on getting things in order for the change we are going to feel. Mostly in positive ways. I don't have a fear of the world's change, I actually am looking forward to it, it is much needed and completely predicted from every culture that exists on this planet (even some that no longer exist). When the world changes it will stem from our economic collapse that will carry over to our food collapse and lead to our government collapse and then there will be us, the few who will rebuild it all again, in goodness, in unity, together with the earth.
I have felt it for many many years and wasn't really sure what I was meant to do about the upcoming change, until now. I have had so many ideas but didn't see them all coming together, I am seeing so much clearer now what my role is in it all. I see the big picture so clear and am being driven hard, JJ feels it too, we both laugh at how in tune we are with each other.

We know that our path together is one where we work side by side with nature in EVERY action. We will harvest the true spirit of our land (wherever it may be) and raise our family there in simplicity. I know that this is the example we are to be for the world or smaller, our families and loved ones.

I am sooo ready for the adventure and to live with nature and play with nature's rules, this is how I work best, this is what I understand most, this is who I am.  I am preparing myself here in Nashville getting more experience with my personal role in our life practicing;

new cooking tricks,

pressure cooking for speedy results, blending everything in my new Blend Tec Blender (making my own nut butters and sauces even),

stocking up on bulk grains and beans.

Trying to eat mostly raw to preserve the life force in our bodies, JJ even likes most of it. We have green smoothies every morning.

 I have even ordered all my organic garden seeds for this year and next year...just in case, these will be worth more than gold someday since we are having such a hard time stopping Monsanto from destroying our food (topic for another day),

and planning our methods for our garden; organic, aquaponics, biodynamics yada yada yada. You'll all ask us when you see its magic in action.

 I have been studing up on holistic health and therapies to use from nature that heal both mind (the ultimate hardest to control but the truest way to heal, completely) and spirit (balancing of energies), which both heal body, mixed with nourishing food, of course.

 I could go on and on and as things happen I will break down more and more detail for any who want to follow and learn. JJ and I live a life very close to nature and we will move closer and closer to that lifestyle the longer we share this life on the earth. The adventure is beginning, the knowledge has been acquired and now the action gets to take full-pace-ahead!


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  1. Thanks for the link to your blog. It's fun to read how you are making life work. I have dreams of farming and living simply. It's one reason the idea of the "end of the world" is exciting. What if we loose our mass communication? or our highways? or our over-processed over-traveled food? We'll go back to living. Really living.
    You mentioned Monsanto. Oh. Sheesh. The book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. was one of the best books I've ever read. The insight it gives into big food corporations and government corruption (in the FDA) is astonishing. It makes me want to move to Italy and eat their non-GMO and organic food. It makes me want to eat food and give real food to my kiddies.