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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year Is Here!

2012 A new year is here, we are given another new beginning.

I have found myself pondering the newness of my current life and the beauty that surrounds me. I am so very much in Love with a wonderful, respectful man who sees me for my true self. What a magnificent experience this is. True Love is the access to the Divinity of life and the universe. I am here...finally!

So, what should I work on in this new year, what kind of resolutions should I set for myself? I already try to not think to far into the future that I lose track of the moment I'm in, but I still like to have intent and goals without any attachment to those outcomes.
I sat,
I closed my eyes,
I looked within,
I saw...

all the different personalities I have been in my lifetime. All the stages of life have offered such awakenings to me and such moments of unconsciousness. I reflected on last year specifically, the year of 2011. I saw the Tarah of 2011 and all her accomplishments and her struggles. I must say that I am proud of her. She did many things that were challenging and it wasn't easy. She lived most of it alone, solo, as an independent woman. She expanded her business, she started teaching meditation to a valley that doesn't practice it much trained many people how to work with their animals and...
 she left all of that behind, including her dear family, friends and comforts of the mountains for her True Love.  She picked up enough belongings to fit in a small trailer, grabbed her dog and drove 3 days across the country to start on another chapter of life not knowing where this would lead her.
She also had many emotional struggles with her ego, her self worth, and what she truly deserves in this life. Sometimes even indulging in self destructive behaviors to overcome these moments of doubt. It wasn't the easiest road, she has a pattern of picking roads that are more challenging and more risky, perhaps this is the best way she learns and grows.

 Ok, I will stop talking in the third person now, but stepping outside myself to look back and see the "old" me that roamed the planet in 2011 has helped me see the last year for what it was, for who I was without holding any judgements about myself.
This way I can fully see what I needed to work on and who I want to be NOW and for the rest of 2012, the year of awakening. I truly believe that I have released any attachment to how the "old" Tarah functions. I know that I want to be very conscious of my each and every moment in this new year. I want to slow down my actions so that I am fully aware of how I speak, and to whom I am speaking. I want to see my movements become graceful and full of intent. I want to listen deeply to others and feel their emotions...not hold on to them, just to feel them, with them while we are in conversation, then to let go.  I want to live each day with Love filtering out of my body. I want to think the most positive thoughts and have all my actions and my lifestyle be nothing more than an example of how life could be lived, since we have endless options for life.
I want to wake up every morning next to the man of my dreams and feel utter gratitude for his presence and companionship in my life. I want to stay present and connected to him in every possible moment.

The year of awakening is here, I am ready and I am willing to be guided by the force of Divine Love!


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  1. Beautiful. So lucky to have you sister. Love you both.