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Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Are All Connected

So I was on a trail run the other day and I was listening to some material that is required for my Holistic Health studies. The man was talking about the thoughts in our heads and being mindful about them. I have been practicing this mindfulness since the beginning of my yoga practice about 8+ years ago. He was talking about how sometimes the thoughts in our heads don't feel like our own, sometimes we don't even want to admit that we think of such things.

Because of this personal judgment on ourselves we often don't listen or be at "rest" with our thoughts.  Being mindful is taking the time to do nothing but be with ourselves, in doing so we are able to see what really goes on up in our minds. Not doing anything...yes, this is where most of the struggle comes in with being mindful. Just to be with yourself, with no activity but sitting in stillness and observing the mind. All the many magical and sometimes frightening things that go on in there. Keeping in mind that you will never be doing nothing. The mind is going at 100 mph in 360 different directions. How can one truly connect to the higher Divine if one never stops? That is the question I ask. 

 Well, I have been meditating and practicing mindfulness for a little bit of time and often enough I get some thoughts that, of course, don't feel like they are big deal, I listen and observe them anyway. Well, the other day on my trail run I had a very grounding and awakening thought come to me and has stuck since then, this opened up a new shift in my consciousness. Sometimes thoughts and ideas come to us all and they literally change our perspectives, you know what I mean, we all have them. Its like they open up our eyes even more than what we have experienced so far in our life. I call them "shifts of clarity" where you know this is one that has changed your outlook on life. That is what happened to me.
Now, I have had many of these in my short lived life and I often share them with those closest to me, but now I am going to place them into words for anyone interested to read over and over again.

These paradigm shifts are meant to be shared, that is why we are all here together.

This is it, as clear as day, my new belief that is being programmed into my body, mind, and soul like a new outfit.

 WE                                                             are all connected, this has been proven from scientist for many years now. Einstein gave us the understanding of "matter" and how matter exists in absolutely everything. Now in this new century we have scientific proof of "energy" being the particle or wave that is smaller than matter and covers this entire universe. Now energy can be controlled and manipulated but through the law of thermodynamics is can not be created or destroyed. This being the material fact of this physical aspect of life I took it deeper by pondering the idea of the "law of attraction" that has flooded this country with the understanding we have of quantum physics. You know, that what you think, you attract...or what you give out, you recieve. Well, it came to me from one of those thoughts that wasn't mine but came to me. Lets say from the Divine Intelligence. Well, it stuck...our thoughts that are in our mind are shared with all of us. We are souls that are all connected to each other through the same material, even on the quantum level of our minds. We think together, we co-create together. Each thought is sooooo important because even if we are not in a place to create such thoughts, perhaps because of financial reasons, time, laziness, or even a lack of self confidence...

that thought goes out into the mass of energy that surrounds this universe and is passed to the perfect person who can implement that idea.

Now, here is the responsibility that we have in this managing of our own thoughts.

If our thoughts are negative or full of hate, revenge, anger, fear, etc.... those may play out in people who are open to those kinds of ideas. Like people who love depression, yes, it is true we all have a choice, people who stay depressed, create depression and they continue to envelope it. Same with fear, anger, sadness...the saying goes misery loves company and anyone who has a negative thought to share will be sucked up by the minds of those who are looking for it.

So, for those of us who LOVE to think of things with beauty, peace, and JOY
we have a responsibility to change the consciousness for ALL of humanity, because that is how powerful positive thoughts are.
So if you listen to the news, remember to visualize the world full of peace and believe it can exists. Remember to see the God/Divine in all people, no matter if they attract negativity to themselves. And always have faith that we are protected and that we are connected in everyway!!

WE ARE ONE!!! With God, With Eachother...ONE!!!

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