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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Healing of Love

Well this is how Love heals.

Being away from home during the Christmas season brings mixed emotions. There is no snow, I am away from my family and close friends and all those things that are familiar.  I do like being challenged and growing from them but my emotions can sometimes appear uncontrollable.
JJ, being the incredibly intuitive man he is, always sees this in me, even if I try not to make them noticeable. He pays so much attention to me and knows the moment we don't have a strong connection because I am in my head...pondering...we can call it.
With continual communication, face to face that is without any digital means, its communication in the RAW, he invites me to open up all my RAW emotion.  I am so shocked at his concern and effort to get me to connect back to him. This is what relationships are.  This constant eye to eye contact and care to transform feelings in to words is what keeps relationships close and real.

Without friends and family here I have JJ and the dogs to connect with.  JJ listens to me and asks question after question to make sure that everything i'm feeling is fully understood by him.  Even if we end up bickering or quarreling because of emotional miscommunication, he never stops connecting.  With some deep discussion and some gazing at each other we always end up reconnected deeper and stronger than before. Almost always we speak of our visions with each other and our promises we have made so far to each other.

He will pick me up, hold me and his energy will fill my body and create a safe and secure feeling that i've never felt before. Instantly, I am healed and feel strong like I could conquer any quest ahead of me.
What is this power of healing he has? Is JJ a miracle healer?
YES, in many ways he is because he Loves so deeply and so fully.
The power of his Love comes from the source of which we all are. He stays connected to himself and he offers his unconditional Love that is connected directly with the Divine to pour through him and into me. With True Love anyone can heal, anyone can offer this Love to another. Sadly, it has been lost by many nonbelievers.

He holds me in his arm and looks me in the eye, he taps on my heart and my head and tells me how great I am, how deserving and worthy I am and how I'm Loved, I'm Loved!!!

Why do we forget what we really are, why we aren't like most animals who procreate and then move on to another partner. Why do we practice monogamy as a species, for the most part at least. I believe its because deep down we understand that True Unconditional Love is the base for our existence, long forgotten but now its crucial for the survival of our species, our planet and our souls. I am so grateful for the man I share my life with.

Love is magnificent!!!

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