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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sundance, Utah

Yes we are far away from the land of snow. JJ has come home to me many nights this week saying "I'm homesick, my heart and soul belong out west." I must agree we do belong there.                Tennessee has some pretty sights and is full of life but it just isn't the same for us as the great American west.  
                                                                                Pondering over some of the memories that started us on this journey of Love together. JJ and I met for the  first time up at Sundance in 08', forever our lives were in the process of change in that moment. Sundance has become home to me. I worked up there for 7+ years and met so many wonderful and inspiring people. I gained many good friends from my experiences and learned so much about myself while skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and even living up there for some time. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to become so acquainted with a mountain. I know it like the back of my own hand.  

The beauty that this mountain possesses is simply breathtaking. Many photographers have some here to capture its magic in stillness. It doesn't take a great photographer to capture such beauty as naturally it exsists. JJ and I have spent many nights up here talking and growing together. 
Being away from the west, I have felt such gratitude for the 30 years I spent there. About a year ago JJ and I enjoyed a day on the white fluff that covered the mountains back. We laughed and loved together.
Soon we will return back to that good friend, until then we live on the memories that keep us strong and have made us who we are. 


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