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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Last Month of 2011

We are here living out the last month of 2011. I ask myself in reflection...where did I grow the most in this year? A quick Love.
What is that?
I believe it is what this world is striving to feel and it is what this life is ALL about.
To feel it, to recognize it, to see its full power unfold in each moment.
There have been so many changes and transformations in my life this year and I have been challenged over and over again to readjust my aspirations and goals.
What always brings me comfort is the power of Love.
JJ has come into my life and created that spark, you know, the one where you never felt it before and then just the simple presence of a person makes everything freeze and all you feel is this tunnel vision of energy blasting around your body and surrounding you with warmth, well maybe that isn't everyones experience but it was mine with him.
My entire life changed the moment I met JJ. The longer we have known each other the deeper the feeling of Love grows and the more clarity I see.
I still often feel the full transformation from external/ego thinking to internal/spiritual realization is still in process. I wanted to wait to start a blog after I became fully clear and free from the control of my old patterns and habits, that may take a lifetime, so today I start because today is the moment of my life and I am living the moment of life.
Today I struggled with emotions surfacing, JJ picked me up in his arms and rocked me like a child, like a child. What adult has been picked up and rocked back and forth like a child while surrendering in the arms of the person who Loves them dearly.
Me, I have
and what better way to co-create than to share that with everyone.
I was instantly healed...I cried it out, what was it I cried out? Not even I know, but it was there and I cried it out. Then, I looked into his eyes and we both smiled and I was better.
Trying to be present in the moment in my mind has been what I was missing. To observe, to witness what goes on up there and either giving acceptance for the thoughts to stay or un-invite them. This is what happened to me. This is where I am, This is where I begin with this simple RAW life of Love.
Join me on my journey through it all. I'll be here and if you need to please be here too.

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