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Saturday, May 26, 2012

6 Months

24 Weeks
weight gain?- 
I've gained about 13 pounds so far. I can't believe how much 13 extra pounds feels to carry around. It really does make a big difference on the frame of the body, so thankful my body knows how to do this for 9 months and then return to its original frame. What wisdom!
maternity clothes?- 
I am not wearing maternity clothes yet but all my clothes are really tight around my breasts and my belly. I like tight clothes when its not too hot outside. Its already 95 degrees outside here in Tennessee so 'no clothes' really feels the best. Gygi, my bestest friend, gave me a box full of loose flowing clothes she wore for pregnancy and they have been the best thing right now.
I LOVE hibiscus iced tea....mmm so refreshing and delightful. Also, watermelon is a perfect treat. JJ went on a midnight food run the other day and got me a dozen donuts, those went down really really quick!!!
Overall I am doing good. I feel lonely when JJ goes to work and I am left with the dogs for most of the day. I miss sharing this pregnancy with my sister, mother and friends and sometimes this makes me moody and teary eyed.
yoga fixes?- 
Right now the best fix is a surrendered baddha konasana (butterfly) with pillows and support and squatting is really nice on my back and hips.
new ideas?-
I am really interested in two practices for newborns. One is 'elimination communication' a way of communicating with the baby on when to release either poo or pee. Completely eliminating diapers all the way! Sounds wonderful! Also, baby sign language. Teaching the newly infant how to use their hands and eyes to communicate with us adults.
book i'm reading?-
I am reading Ina May's guidebook to breastfeeding. I will be breastfeeding solely for at least a year if not longer so I really want to know all the information I can get to provide the most milk and nutrients to our little Amazing One.
It has been difficult but I now have two body pillows and JJ rubs me every night. I toss and turn and sometimes just stare at the ceiling and rub my belly. All in all I know this is preparing me for whats to come as well as this is just for a short time.
best thing i'm doing?-
Swimming has become my favorite thing to do. I take the dogs, a lawn chair, a book, a floating raft, and a cooler of drinks and I swim for as long as I feel like it, just kicking around and talking to the Divine energy. It feels so good to be in nature and listen to the birds while taking all the gravity off my back and hips. I get my meditation in, I cool off and I soak up some fabulous energy from the sun. I feel so much better after my swim....just talking about it makes me want to get out there!!


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  1. I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with everyone.