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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Mothers!

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I am having a flood of thoughts about my own mother and motherhood in general. 

I am grateful that there is a day to celebrate the mothers of this world. I take into consideration the beginning of the female spirit, the Earth.  The Earth is the biggest Mother of this world. She nurtures every species and every soul.  She gets used, abused and taken advantage of over and over again but she, like most wonderful Mother's, keeps giving to us in abundance.  I offer gratitude and Love for her constant protection and nourishment that I receive from this stay on her rough, green skin. 
The Mother Earth is a huge example of what a Mother is through and through. I know so many wonderful Mother's from my friends, relatives, neighbors and my own, yet every style of parenting and nurturing is so unique from each one. I am shown great examples of why our civilization has grown so big and so fast and why we as a species have been able to extend our lifespan year after year, because of our Mother's.
A Mother is a person who offers Love outside herself,
She gives unselfishly,
She feeds from her own body,
She heals from her touch,
She gives her body to the changes and growth of new bodies,
She dedicates her life to being an example of what goodness is,
She speaks soft and brings safety to a cry,
She knows when to let go and watch her young fly,
She is a teacher and an example,
She is a friend,
She listens,
She is comfort,
She smells sweet,
She isn't always  a woman,
Not all women are Mother's,
She is fair,
She is Truth,
She is mine,
She is LOVE

I Love my Mother so much, because she is mine. She has given her all to being the best example of what a good soul is. I know the Divine because I see it in her. I will be a good Mother because I had a great Mother and I cherish her and think of her this Mother's Day. 
How glorious this world is with all the Mother's in it. 
I am a woman, I am a developing Mother, I Mother my animals and friends.  I have so much gratitude for this experience in a female body but I couldn't do it without the Men in my life so for all of them I also give thanks. Because of JJ, I will get to be the Mother I see myself being, because of my Father I had a great Mother who was able to be there for me each day. 

To all the Mother's on this Mother Earth, Thanks and much Love!!

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