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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transforming Ideas and Actions

Transformation! My body has been in a steady transformation for quite some time now and I have been staying pretty conscious of staying in the moment with each new change.  Our baby has been moving and kicking inside me for about a month now and everyday the movements get stronger and stronger. I have found myself connecting to her (I believe its a girl so I'll continue with "her") so deeply. I talk to her and visualize her role in my life and my role in her life. She truly is an "Amazing" angel. She has her own agenda already and I am so thankful that I was chosen to be her mother. I will facilitate all her needs and support her in all her work in this life of hers.
I have felt an even higher transformation in my spirit in the last two weeks. One that has drawn me so much closer to Mother Earth, the divine feminine energy, and God, the divine masculine energy and felt their connection in every cell in my body. This radiating energy that has taken over and created a new body inside my body. I am astonished at what we are capable of.

With all this magic going on in me and around me I have an even greater desire to do my part in the evolution of the human race. To vibrate at a much higher frequency of Love. A Love for all things that exist with me here on planet earth. Our world is changing so fast and so many are not choosing to awaken to the new human evolution of peace, Love and coming together. So many are still in it for power, unnecessary abundance and mindless waste. Unfortunately, we get to choose for ourselves our path in life and so we can not make or change anyone around us but what we can do is "be that change" ourselves.
I am not sure what tomorrow will bring or the day after that. I see both the greatness of humanity and the weakness of humanity, sometimes all at the same time.  I am riding this life one moment at a time and following my intuition which is taking me to new powerful places everyday. Everything I thought I once knew has changed, I find I really know very little but I have so much faith in the Divine power of God's forces that are in me, I am open daily to the new directions it is taking me, I just need to stay present and listen.
The power comes from inside me, but shows me that when I tune to the vibration of my heart I am stronger and when I send Love outside myself to my fellow human companions and accept them for whatever their choice is we as a whole become connected and our strength rises.
Because of this I have been filled with many new inspirations for what my child, the new generation of this human evolution we are all transforming to (if we choose of course), would like to be brought up with and it is FULL of nothing more than support, acceptance, and unconditional Love! We are no longer teachers, we are facilitators of human life. These new souls will be teaching me more than I could ever teach them, they are full of Divine light and they don't want to lose it and get stuck in the mess of ego, competition, greed and selfishness that have changed so many people on our planet from seeing the truth of what we are.
I choose to be an example of Love and I believe that all I or anyone can do now is be an example.

I am filled with gratitude and I am thankful that I was strong enough to be a parent in this companionship I share with JJ and help support our "Amazing Grace" in this journey called -LIFE-


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  1. sister this is beautiful, inspiring and truly touched my heart, miss and love you dearly!