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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Placenta Encapsulation

After the birth of my Amazing Grace I took capsules of my dehydrated placenta for almost a month. Everyday twice a day I ingested my placenta. I have been asked by many people "Why?" did I choose to do this.

Many cultures have been known to eat their placenta after giving birth to it. Animals all do this instinctually why is it that Americans forgot about this part of giving birth?
The placenta is full of nutrients and blood protecting and nourishing our baby as it grows inside us women.  We gave lots and lots of energy and time to grow this for our growing babies and then we push out the child and this vessel of nutrients. This leaves the mother fatigued, tired, low in iron and blood and now having to care for a child in that state.  Recovery from birth is a very challenging one. Having a newborn to care for while the body is in a state of extreme healing and recovery is nothing more than utter exhaustion. Plus, a woman's body after birth is going through a rush of hormones that are all out of balance. This is what leads to "postpartum depression".

80% of mothers experience this in the first days and weeks, sometimes even months after giving birth.

The baby feels this as all emotions are passed through the mothers breastmilk. Some mothers get on antidepressant drugs and pass those onto their newborn baby through the breastmilk. All this can be dealt with naturally with Placenta consumption.  Its because the placenta gives the mother back her nutrients and energy. Filled with iron and nutrients, plus protein, the placenta is an incredible part of the healing process.

I noticed immediate results.  My husband would start to notice my mood changes and would go get me two pills. Almost instantly, I would feel better and more like my self again.  After birth the woman's body will bleed for sometimes weeks. Imagine all this blood loss and nothing replacing that back into the body thats feeding a new life. I was taking walks the very next day after giving birth. I felt decent for just giving birth.  I was living in Tennessee and found it hard to be away from friends and family to share my experience with so I did undergo some sadness and feeling of homesickness but without the pills I know I would have been a mess.
How I felt about nursing and walking on day 2 of  being a Mom!!

 I live in Tennessee and found a woman who started a company called "beautifuldawnings" I called her the day of my birth, she showed up with a cooler, took my placenta, came back the following day with capsules, a tincture for future use, a dried up heart shape of my baby's cord, and a stamped print of the placenta on a piece of paper. The placenta is naturally the shape of a heart...isn't that soo cool!!! so the print is a heart of blood stamped by the placenta. I know I know this sounds weird but to me its beautiful!

 I recommend to every new mother to search out in your community where you can find someone to encapsulate your placenta and enjoy every minute of healing with your experience of  motherhood. Because no one should feel sadness while holding a bundle of joy and no one should be so tired that they miss out on all those times of staring at a sleeping newborn and being filled with gratitude!!

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