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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lucky Number Three

Lucky numbers have always been a thing for me. Seeing the number 11:11 and feeling like I am in the right place at the right time. Feeling like things seem to happen in threes for me, all the time. I guess I have set up the perception that numbers to me are a luck symbol and they have shown to be true.

This month I married my loving partner at the Grand Canyon. Making this my third marriage. The luckiest one of all. I now have a family of three, adding yet, even more luck to the deal.
JJ Peek, in all his simple ways made this wedding incredibly extravagant, in my opinion. He choose the Grand Canyon because he loves it there and because I have always wanted to go see it but never quite made the trip on my own and because of all the magic it offers.  Oh the beauty of this earth!! I am so glad we made it happen the way we did. It was such a time of appreciation for so many reasons. I reflected on the years it took to create such a place and the vast space from one peak to the next, 10 miles across, one mile deep of magnificent red rock canyon.

The desert has always been so special to both JJ and I and now we get to add even more significance to its already spiritual existence!!

We started our day with a Native American named Uqualla, he is the shaman who gave our union the most beautiful blessing. Each word he said spoke directly to us. We resonated with the land, his chanting and the air was filled with our ancestors spirits and our living witnesses of our ever connecting bond of union. We were outside on sacred ground and the world seemed to have froze in place. It was still and reverent as he spoke, at least for a while until Amazing needed to be known...haha! It was simply beautiful, a moment I will never forget.

As we moved toward the Grand Canyon cliffs, JJ wanted to surprise me by holding me in his arms and carrying me to the cliff edge while my eyes were closed. He said he wanted to have me look into the canyon for the first time while I was in his arms. Oh was I shocked, it looked fake as though it was a backdrop or something. The canyon is so big that the distant peaks fade into a slight haze. As we stood there hand in hand, lips to lips I couldn't have been in a more magical moment,  a more magical was perfect! The sun was shinning, the birds are chirping and it seemed that we were the only ones there at the canyon.  It was Easter Sunday and the place was vacant. My brother said some beautiful words, JJ's mother said some too, we read our vows to each other, I cried, and we kissed and kissed til everyone was sick of us doing so. I could have walked around that park all day. Every site was spectacular and different from the one before and as the sun changed so did the shadows and the view. It reminded me of what our marriage will be like. The views will change, there will be shadows uncovered along the way but it will still remain incredibly spectacular and each year it will grow deeper and deeper until the roots are so thick and intertwined that we will never know what it was like not having each other and our bond.

I am so thankful for this life of mine it is as good as it gets! I look forward to the exciting future with a constant reminder that it is this moment that I live for.

To JJ, my love,
You are me sun and my stars my air that I breath. You help me to be better each day and you challenge me like no other has. Thank you for choosing me and for helping me create the family I always wanted. I Love you more than you'll ever know.

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  1. CONGRATS! The Grand Canyon is truly magnificent!