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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring FEVER!

It has felt like such a long winter this year.  In the past I would look forward to winter for the skiing, snowshoeing, and watching the snowfall.  With a new baby and being in Tennessee none of that was on my list. This year I was mostly inside watching my Amazing grow and develop into a beautiful baby.  She is so full of curiosity and her personality is perfect. We did find a lot of time to be outside but the weather in Nashville is such a drag. Its either windy, rainy, or just gloomy without any white coverage.

There has been many changes inside however!

JJ and his mother helped make our little cave into a light filled basement. They had some windows punched out of the walls and in our bedroom to let the much needed sunshine into the house.  Mazi and I have been much better with the extra sunlight.  There is nothing like waking up with the sunshine.

Trying to get enough vitamin D these days is a challenging one. I am addicted to the sun and its much needed nourishment.

We have been visiting the local flea market and finding some old treasures to redo and place around the home, and we redecorated the living room to add some much needed change to the inside flow of things. Seeds are planted and growing in the window sills and we are trying to be so patient as we wait for spring to come.

Mazi is already a child of the outdoors. She sleeps best when on a walk. Going outside can always calm her down if she gets stir crazy and she watches out the window longing for her time outside each day. Rain or shine we venture out daily to give us some fresh air. She has been a trooper with all the weather. Tennessee can present such dreary weather and it lasts for days. We are currently in a 4 day overcast/rain spell right now and my frown hasn't been turned upside down.

I sure do lose a lot of inspiration for writing and being creative during these times of life and I feel as though I should be the most creative so I can show Mazi all the incredible things about life. My energy is low, my mind is too active but mostly on the the past and future, staying present is a challenge. I am so thankful that I have time for Mazi each day and she is what occupies my every moment of every day. I am just watching her grow, practicing multitasking, cooking new foods, and waiting...waiting for the sun to shine and take us out of this stagnation we are in.  I even caught a cold to make it all just a little more challenging.

I miss home, I miss my family and friends and I am in-LOVE with my own little family. Its the Yin to the Yang of life.

I personally, have gone through some much needed changes of my own this winter and already feel the new me starting to sprout, where it will take me? Thats left up to the almighty!

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