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Monday, March 19, 2012

Southern Springtime

The middle of march and already Tennessee has wet rainy, 80 degree weather. I am feeling a sort of love for the longer warmer seasons and realizing that my blood is made for warm weather. I have soo much more energy as my vitamin D increases with the suns love and my spirits are much higher, then the difficult winter southern months. 

I am coming to realize that when JJ and I relocate we will have to find ourselves a place with a longer growing season and a short winter. I really would rather have healthy RAW food for my family year round and spend time showing them how to grow food and heal with food and love the earth, that is what motivates me.

 This springtime, I have really enjoyed
 the southern thunder/lightning storms...oh so cool!! 

The sound of rain is like a soothing meditation of a tropical paradise, I just need to close my eyes and I'm there. 

 I am loving that my body is going through this marvelous change in the spring and summer time. This morning I woke up and rolled out my yoga mat outside in the morning sun. As I practiced and breathed I listened to the birds singing songs to each other and I smiled. During my practiced I watched a wild turkey spread out its beautiful plumage for the ladies gathering bugs in the grass nearby, 
I often gazed up at the large tree that I was under and noticed all the lovely blossoms and early buds opening to soak in the sun. While in my own tree pose, I was overcome by this feeling of everything is beginning once again. 

I am surrounded by new life and I too am participating in this new life cycle creating my own new human body, inside my body! WOW, what amazing creatures we animals are to fully be conscious of what it is we can do and what we really are! I had so much gratitude on my mat this morning and I own it to the magical universe and the great Divine energy that fills me, and everyone else who takes the time to recognize them, with these gifts of beauty. I was feeling so fulfilled and proud of myself for loving myself enough to accept all this love and beauty around me that during my ending shavasana pose (laying on my back in full surrender), Sekoya came up to me and licked my face then she laid down beside me with the biggest smile and the highest little puppy moan, oh it was so perfect! I know that whenever I see life for all it's goodness, I am surrounded with so many amazing moments, I can get lost in the mix of temporal chaos just like everyone else, looking outside myself for the perfections of life, but the truth I've found is that the only perfection is inside us and whenever I go there, I instantly see the greatness that is around in the outside temporal world. ~t

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