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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SERVICE...a new look at it!

My mother is the QUEEN of service, she always says "A life of service is the only way to happiness" She is constantly helping me, my other siblings, her community and her own sisters in our time of need.  The last few nights I have got sucked into documentaries...again...about the earth, our planet, and our direct connection with each other. --Watch: "Home-the movie" and "Bag it" on netflix.
Like my mother has taught me, this starts on the level of family and community but what about the whole planet??? It starts every breathing moment in every decision we make.
We must have the planet to survive as a species yet, our Homo Sapien species, meaning "The Wise Human", has completely interrupted the balance of the Earth dramatically since the 1950's. We all, me included I am a human and part of this problem to, have gotten used to a lifestyle of convenience and abundance, now that we no longer forge for food we waste precious goods and take for granted what it takes for us to live each day. Always wanting more and having the mindset of "keeping up with the jones's" whomever they may, be we just must have what they have.
We all create our reality and... we can have what they have but...
at what expense??? This is where I really got worked up.
Bringing a child to a planet where our species has upset the very thing that feeds and nourishes us, our Mother Earth, will make it incredibly hard to show an example of sacrifice and responsibility to my child.
Why aren't more and more people trying to save the Earth? Can't they see the destruction of our planet is the destruction of US, the human species! Our planet is crying out for us to awaken;
 HOT HOT summers bringing more and more drought and wildfires raising our CO2 levels in our atmosphere, which could eventually suffocate us. Frigid cold winters with little precipitation adding nothing to our water tables. Melting glaciers raising the water level and temperatures that will kill our coral reefs and our many people like fish and shrimp?
Tornados and earthquakes destroying entire cities and wreaking havoc on the people whom have established themselves in those areas. Hurricanes growing stronger, extreme erosion of the topsoil and humus layer on our earths crust. The food we grow is loosing so many nutrients and we now have to mine minerals from the Earth to create supplements because our food we grow is depleted because our soil is dying.
The Earth has an energy of her own and she is trying to speak to us ALL, we just need to listen and react appropriately.
Our government won't help, they make no money on cleaning up our planet. They only work for money.
What we have done to help the problem?
We all support such practices as;
-Deforestation, killing the only thing that helps clean our planets atmosphere and helps create healthy soil so we can grow food and not starve, the trees are our roots for survival. Deforestation is practiced for soybeans-to feed cattle, who don't eat beans, and to raise cattle, which are usually diseased and full of hormones and antibiotics that destroy our immune systems and create high cholesterol and heart disease the number one killers in the USA. Oh, but we don't need the beautiful forest we can survive on the cattle...until they run out of food because our soil is so depleted and our water so scarce we can't grow anything anymore...
-Oil drilling, our dependence on oil is gruesomely strong. As we live our lives in convenience we give the government more and more opportunity to make their fight for oil more legit. More money and waste goes to making weapons, and military machinery then it does to heal our country from disease and economical struggle. We use oil for EVERYTHING! Yet, it isn't renewable and will very very soon be gone!!!
-Waste and over consumerism. We waste so much food, nonrenewable resources and we buy without any concern for where it came from or how others suffered for the creation of our goods.
-Poisoning our food with pesticides and GMO's, hormones, synthetic nutrients.
this poison is what is now in our bodies and creating deadly illnesses. Plus, our household goods from plastics... made with oil and petrochemicals that eventually destroy our human bodies.

I am bringing a child to child is choosing to come here...why??? Because I believe we can do better and I believe these new spirits see us doing better...
With my voice, your voice, we can make a difference NOW, we must act NOW!!! We are thirsting for energy but we need cleaner energy. We need a healthier planet.

Avoid plastics as much as possible, no more bottled water,
Avoid driving as much as possible,
Avoid petrochemicals and processed food with preservatives, buy organic, buy bulk, support local farms,
Avoid purchasing anything new, make your own or purchase used antique goods,
Start loving the Earth and thanking the Earth,
Start supporting renewable energy, wind power, solar power, water power, human power,
Start REDUCING, REUSING, then lastly Recycling,
Start preserving our resources,
Start seeing our connection and what goes into the goods you purchase,

The way to service of the WHOLE of life is to serve the planet, the source of our physical life and existence. Without serving our Mother Earth consciously every day of our remaining lives we are killing our future for ALL the species, including our children, grandchildren, friends, communities and all the other living species that share this place with us. We are killing the Creation of our physical existence that took 4 billion earth years to create for our human evolution to occur and in only 200 thousand years we have taken over and poisoned it all.  That is why our human health has suffered so much.
Take a stand now, do your part now, sacrifice and help serve us all NOW!


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