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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Place Called Home!

I recently went back home to Utah, the place I was born and raised. It was such a joy to be in the presence of family again. I have often tried to travel and get away from home, simply because I loved new experiences and didn't want to lets say, "miss out", on what the world had to offer.
Being across the country and growing a new life has really brought my spirits back to whats most important....Family. Even my friends back home feel like "family" to me. I was instantly embraced by Love the moment I stepped out of the airport, with my sister and mother there to greet me and rub my very developed belly and that embrace lasted the entire two weeks.  It felt so good just to be in the car with them and know that for two weeks I would get to spend my days with my loving family.

I am so excited to have my own family with JJ Peek and creating our own peaceful home. Being with mine again just inspires me to insure that my own family is very close and under our roof they feel safe and secure.  Attachment parenting is what we will be practicing. Having a close family is what gives meaning to life for me.  I care about the environment so much because I want it to sustain the closeness of people in a healthy way. It all makes sense that my efforts are because of the pleasure I get from my Loved ones being a part of my life, in every detail. No matter how different we are from one another, it seems like, that is what brings us closer because we fill the gaps for each other. Oh how I LOVE my family.

My vacation back home was filled with a remarkable yoga retreat in Boulder, Utah. With the lovely yoga family I have at 3B Yoga.  Female empowering energy filled both me and baby Amazing.

I was pampered at a baby shower held at my Mother's house. The home was filled with loved ones. Friends from the past who are always in my heart showed up, friends from the present touched and kissed and loved on me and the growing child, my parents friends came to support and so much wonderful family filled each and every space available. Even my wonderful partner JJ was there for every moment spreading his charm to all the ladies. He is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me!!!!

My parents took the utmost care of me. Cooking, talking, taking JJ and I boating and to dinner. It was so nice to spend soooo much quality time with them before my life takes this beautiful change.

My wonderful sister rubbed my back when I got sore and gave me so much time in deep conversation and even painted me the most wonderful picture of a pregnant tree that will hang on the wall of Amazing Grace's space in our home.

My good friend Jami Bishop got married to another good friend Corey Gephart in the beautiful mountains of Sundance, Ut.  The place where I called home for a time and worked many years building yet, another family that I will forever cherish. Seeing all my friends together in the mountain air was such a joy and I have an overwhelming feel of falling in Love again with JJ Peek.  We kissed and danced and ate and loved on each other in the feeling of connection that filled the grounds.

I got a surprise the night before I was to come back to Tennessee, when my brothers, who were to be in Arkansas for three more weeks, surprised my parents, sister and I at dinner by coming home early. I was so happy that tears filled my eyes and once again my entire immediate family was together again.  This will never be the same as there are many new additions coming to all our individual lives in the next year or two. I will be married to the Love of my life. We will have a family of our own in one month. My sister will be giving life to her own little angel about 3 months later and my beautiful brothers will probably find their life companions not too long after.
So much exciting change and so much to be grateful for...
I am so glad I got to spend so much time at home with all of the wonderful people who are in my life.

Thank you everyone for the love and the connection that you offer me. I am truly sooooooo blessed in this life and I appreciate you all.

One more month and my whole world will change. I am so excited to be sharing this world with you Mr. JJ Peek. Thanks for choosing me!!!

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  1. Love this! I'm so glad you felt such love at such a special time! I think every pregnant mama deserves to be showered in absolute love before babies come! I love the picture your sister drew for you! I am so excited for you! You look radiant! Amy's little sister is married to my hubbies brother! Hugs to you beautiful mama! May your birth be filled with much power, peace, and love!