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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Mazi and I spent about a month in Utah after our wedding at my parents house.  My sister is living there right now and she has a little girl 3 months younger than Mazi.  Little Miloh, well she isn't too little since she weighs more than Mazi already. It was such a nice stay, we did so many fun activities as well as doing nothing at all some days.   After a week of being back in Tennessee, Amber and Miloh came out to stay with us for two weeks. We have had a great time hanging together and sharing our lives.  They are leaving tomorrow and it is so sad. I really hate that they are so far away from us. Someday soon I will be close to my family again!!  I can't express how nice it is to have family with me each day. Yes, my sister and I fight still sometimes, but we always smooth it over as our personalities are so different but our souls are so connected.

Each day was filled with walks, talks, the zoo, swimming, parties, and lots of cousin time.  These two little girls are finally starting to notice each other.  They take interest in grabbing each others hair, ears, and any other protruding body part.  They will often talk together, taking turns at screaming and gooing.  I even noticed that Mazi has a possession over her toys already or maybe its just she wants whatever Miloh has at that time.  I am thrilled that Mazi has a cousin that is her age to grow up with and create many memories with. I have many close cousins and the memories I share with them will never leave me. This is such a great time in our lives.

We will surely miss the company when they leave us tomorrow.

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