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Monday, September 2, 2013

An Amazing Birthday Bash!

 We tried to do a cake smash before her birthday party, just to see how she would take to cake.  My good friend Amanda made a Gluten-Free, low sugar cake...which I think tasted GREAT!!!
We stuck Amazing outside in little clothing, had her crawl to the cake, which she was very interested in at first,

 then, she reached for the candle...
and this is pretty much how it ended up! She didn't even want to touch it.

The cat was excited about the sweet treat though!

Her Birthday Bash was such a great success!
We were on the farm so we had a country theme with hay for seating, wagon rides, kid pool and good ole fashioned country niblets and drinks...southern style...HEHE!

Mr. Peek was on a role as he didn't stop working the entire day! He truly made this first birthday magical! She was happy in his arms most  of the night.  SUCH a good Daddy!
 We had so many good friends come to share this day with us. We are so thankful for the birth of our daughter and so thankful for the good peeps in our lives!

 All kinds of characters came out to help us celebrate...Amanda, the pastry chef!

She was even happy to let Mrs. KK hold her for a good while. Oh she did sooo good!!
We had to try the cake smash one more time, just to see if things had changed, but she looked at it...
 Looked at me, and signed "All Done" I guess thats what you get when your child eats real food her first year of life. We better pack in those oreos and processed food coloring before she turns two.....haha, jk like that will happen!!
If there is anything I can give to you miss Amazing Grace, it is that you will always look to our Earth as the great Mother who nourishes you and offers you her resources. It is that you will see what kind of an impact you have as a human being and try to keep your imprint on her small while your impression on humanity bold and with a positive impact. That you will treasure your body and feed it only the purest, real foods out there, that you'll move toward a life that feeds your soul and keeps your mind sharp with only the cleanest thoughts.
I hope that you will look up to your father and I and see our wisdom and that we can be great examples of how to live a life of happiness and LOVE and of giving back to the great Earth that gives to us every day.

We both love you more that words can express and that love will grow deeper and deeper throughout our lives. Thank you again for picking us to be your parents. You are AMAZING, my child


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  1. happy belated, AMAZING grace!! you are lovely!! oxo