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Friday, September 20, 2013

Who Is Serving Whom?

I take far too many breaks from writing and I feel terrible that I do. I know that my thoughts struggle to stay mindfully positive, they are more mindfully frustrated and so I stop writing to keep from putting it "out there" but this too is helpful and keeps me real and RAW, what I want this blog to be.

I struggle to see my place in humanity at this time in my life.  Being a new Mother I give it all to Mazi, it is a blessing but I feel unbalanced as well.  I see and hear of so much destruction of our Earth and of her striking back with vigor, of humanity being so unconscious and destroying other human lives out of fear and power.  I don't have TV and I don't read the news (anymore) so this is usually word of mouth or what I happen to hear on NPR, the few times I decide to listen.  I avoid keeping up with current affairs because my personal life doesn't need this.  Inside I feel this battle in myself just being away from my home and my world of serving humanity I know there is a constant war that has plagued this planet, war on resources, war on food, war on power (money), war on each other and it won't stop til we individually stop.  I believe this is ALL because of old programming in our psyche that has been passed on from generation to generation affecting our choices each day.  The only stop it has is for individuals to want a change and make it or for parents to start becoming aware of how we are birthing our young into fear from day one.  I have faith that we will change though, because I will, and I am everyday.  Strangely, I believe it all starts from me, even though I also feel I am living in solitude with my baby, husband and animals.  Raising her is my priority right now and she will get from me my love, courage, and awareness of this life.  I leave out the distractions of current worldly issues.

 I feel like the biggest change that will effect this world and all who encompass it in the future is the way we are bringing our young into this world and how they are brought up.  Thrown in a daycare for another to watch is for some a must but whom is it that is watching them, some staffed facility or another loving mother from the comforts of her loving home???
Farmer At Work At Home.
Pilot At Work, Flying To The Beach!

I am fortunate enough to stay home and attend solely to my Amazing Grace because of my hard working husband, whom I am sooo grateful for. I have recently thought about offering my home to a few other children whose parents aren't around so I can show those children awareness, courage, and Love.

In the meantime, I serve my chickens-who give us eggs everyday and lots of laughs too, I serve my dogs and cat- whom slobber me with kisses and stand by my side for every walk and every tear I shed while sitting outside in the moonlight with them, I try my hardest to serve the Earth by tending her soil and taking care not to create such a harmful impact as I live and in return we get nutritious food, I serve my baby girl- who is growing to prove that she will give me more than I could EVER give her, I serve my husband- who currently gives me more than I could ever imagine a man could give to a woman emotionally, and physically and he gives to our baby, who is serving who actually??

They are all serving me! They give to me each and everyday. I keep thinking that the more animals we add, the more food we plant, the more we surround ourselves with chores to keep our hands full, the more chaotic our lives will be but we recieve so much back! Yes, my mother always said "service is the answer to life" she is one who gives sooo much to me in this life, she has proven once again to be a woman full of genuine wisdom.

An article that touched me and I feel every soon to be mother should read and absorb is from
"Birth Into Being" Birth Into Being-Limbic Imprint.  It explains sooo well what I feel inside to be my truth.

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