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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Red Tent Gathering

A few weeks ago I met some really neat women. I was at a family farm called Lucky Ladds Farm with JJ and Mazi.  Instantly, we gravitated to each other. There were five of them, all with their young slung around their waists in wraps, slings, and backpacks.  I complimented them and they complemented me, we exchanged numbers, took pictures and I knew we would keep in touch.  I've been in nashville two years and this is exactly the connection with a community that I have longed for. 

The very next day I got an invite to a Red Tent Gathering.  Not knowing what it was exactly, I still knew it was exactly what I needed right now.  I invited my dear friend Amanda as we seem to be needed the same things in life, we were brought together by the universe and I love her so much.

The Red Tent Gathering was in the middle of the country, set up on a private farm named the Cooper Farm.  We were one of the early arrivers and we were greeted by the host, Alex.  Long sheets were drapped over rope making a complete circle, the grass was damp but there was a warm fire blazing in the center keeping us all close and comfortable in a tent like setting.  50 women showed up, few of us knowing each other, strangers to gather and release.  We engaged in some good conversation before it began and I was feeling the the feminine energy begin to flow. It was such a simple process. Gather under the night sky surrounded by nature, use the natural elements to open and release what is unnecessary to carry any further. Write down what you desire to let go of, stand and share it in a safe environment, if tears come, let them, then burn the written words and blow out that candle forever.  Completely nondenominational, open to all sources, only words, fire, and raw emotion.

Women gathering together weekly, monthly, yearly whatever it takes to continue to move forward with strength and vigor. Accepting our roles and shinning through our Divine Feminine. These should be put on all over the planet for every group of women in every community.  Our planet needs this. 

It was so beautiful and just the beginning of many more to come. The circle was safe and filled with compassion for one another and everyone felt it. This is something only our fellow sisters can give to us women because we walk in the similar shoes and we resonate together as One.

Thanks to Alicia and Alex for your efforts, your healing energy and for creating this space for us all.


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