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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring and Our Sprout!

The buds are opening on the branches, the birds are flocking above again, the ladybugs have multiplied and overtaken our windowsills and our baby girl is pretty much potty trained. Starting the small steps to her independence.

It is March and

Spring is here. 

Our family is facing another season change together, this one brings us renewal and growth. Mazi has become so aware of herself and the world around her. She is so alert.  Observing the changes of nature and of her own little body.

 Watching the buds begin to open is exciting for both of us, this new life is incredible to witness with my young sprout. JJ brought me home some tulip bulbs and we are experiencing their bloom together. Tulips are very few around here and I have missed them soo much. They are one of my favorite flowers.  Each morning Mazi points them out as they slowly spread out their petals to take in the sun. She smells them as well as all the flowers around the neighborhood even the teeny tiny little weeds in in the grass, she appreciates those lil beauty's just like all the others, still so pure in her heart and thought.  She often likes to share them with her daddy too!

She is guiding JJ and I on what she needs and when she needs it.  Potty training is going quite smoothly with about one accident a day, usually my fault for not paying full attention to her signals, she has dry pants every morning so far. We have, however,  found ourselves in some of the most precarious situations, peeing in the car, in the parking lot, on the grass....everywhere we go. She is very comfortable using the lawn and the forest as her prime potty spots. I love her natural ways!

Mazi has a handful of sign language signals she uses to communicate and this process has been very simple and guided by her completely. Her father and I simply are facilitating what she wants, hopefully I can use her guide for most things as she grows, unless of course she wants to breastfeeding til she's 10!...Haha

I have noticed her need for breastfeeding during the day has gone down a bunch, its bitter/sweet.  She mostly uses it for checking in, comfort and falling asleep at night. She nurses frequently during the night and I believe she gets most of her milk at that time.

Our family is ready for the new life of spring and the warmer days to enjoy the outside air.  We have our garden almost ready for seeds and our seedlings are sprouting In their lil beds indoors. We have already taken long walks in the Tennessee forests, found plenty of puddles to toss rocks into, and visited many local parks just wetting our feet for whats to come.

 She is so curious!

 Missing my Utah home is tucked in my mind forever but not becoming my focus or my emotional state, this is my goal. Trying to stay present with where my life is now is taking over those thoughts. It feels healthy and where my head should be.  In the arms of my Mr. He can carry us all!

This momma bee is springing into what IS!

It IS lovely!

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