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Friday, March 7, 2014

A sister

Your my sister, the one that I have on this earth.
To challenge me,
To watch me,
To see all my worth. 
It's not easy to walk in our shadows alone,
But with you at arms reach, I know my home.

We grew together in a sand box of cookie cutters, not knowing our place from one chip to another.

Together we made music of magical colors, ate fruits from trees no one has discovered.
 We ran in the hills with our hair long and tangled. Unsure if we would ever straighten out all the thoughts that got mangled. 
With each other we soar with our truest light, like a flock of birds together in flight.

You can squeeze my nerves tighter than any other, I pull my hair or want to scream when our words touch one another. This is what a sister must do. To release the anger that must work its way through. 

I am yours, you are mine we are sisters for all of this time.
 In our most conscious breath we Ignite, the love that can't be replace as we lay down each night. Forever I hold you, your truths are with me. In the dark soul with me you are free. I love you my dear, from dirt to air. 

You're  mine my sister, my equal, my eternal friend from birth.

Thank you for your ear, for your tear, for your open heart when I fear.  Your presence is a warmth that I want near. 

We walk together in life, one experience to the next as we share our hopes, our dreams our deepest thoughts and secrets.  
Together we laugh,
Together we love, 
Forever my sister from the Divine above. 

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