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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Utah! This is Home.

Mr. Peek, Amazing and I got to take a trip out to Utah. My home sweet home in the mountain land.  I love it here. The mountains hold many power spots for me. My soul is liberated and I can connect to the deeper side of life so easily.
Mr. Peek spent ten days with Amazing and I before we had to say goodbye to him. I Just love snapping photos of him and Mazi, this post is full of photos!!!

Amazing loves her daddy so much.

We spent some quality time together with my family. My lil brother Darik got married bringing all sorts of relatives that I haven't seen for many years. I can't believe my lil brother is married??? Our lives are moving into another chapter and it is exciting!! 

I always took my large Utah family for granted and seeing the support at Dariks wedding made me realize how nice it is to have so many people sharing my blood. We truly all have a connection that keeps us so close and loving even though we don't get to look into each other's eyes very often. The distance doesn't change a thing and that is pure magic. 
So many hugs, so much exchange of energy! Mr. Peek took care of Mazi during the wedding so I could socialize and speak to all my relatives and good friends.  Our marriage was simple and only close family was there so I haven't seen many of these peeps in ages.

  Mazi doesn't enjoy the large crowded social scene, spending most of her days with just Jj and I these events can bring on a bit of space suffocation. She does like her space! 

The wedding was, well, with two gorgeous people...Gorgeous! You couldn't ask for prettier people to have matched up. Both Darik and his bride Cara were busy but seemed to really enjoy their day!! I'm so glad my whole family was there!

After all the wedding shenanigans Mr. Peek and I desperately needed some time together. Just. The. Two. Of. Us.....what!!!!
Ya, we totally ate a burger and went to a movie! The first movie since Amazing's arrival into our lives.  It was great!  I really really didn't want him to leave us. We made love. He flew away. 
It was sad. 

Mazi and I are staying the entire month of February.  It's so great being here but when Mr. Peek is away there is a hole in my heart, a piece that's missing and felt each day. 
I always make the best of it though, for Mazi.
We have taken fun walks with cousin Miloh, 
played in the rain, 
Visited art museums,
Hung out with grandma and grandpa. 
Saw lots of our dearest friends.
Watched lady and the tramp WAY too many times, her fav!
We went to the deserts of Utah, good ole St George.

Mazi felt her first touch of dry desert Earth.
 She loved it! We swam daily, walked and I took a meditation session through a labyrinth during nap time.
The desert heals so many wounds. Both Mr. Peek and I have always found it to be our perfect dose of medicine. It was lovely and regenerating.
I returned to northern Utah and played in the snow the next day.

Oh the joys of this lovely state. I have overcome all the politics and look past the parts I thought once trapped me. I feel very free here now!
The mountain accepts and loves me, I feel Gods presence, the Divine that speaks to me in the wilderness. It is peacefully fulfilling and I long for my feet to scale these hills and valleys when I'm away. Such power. Such peace.

My heart is feeling fuller each day. I'm treating myself to some body zoning and I have let go of so much unnecessary built up emotion that has been trapped in my body all the way from young childhood and so on.   I'm not rolling in my old shit I'm just letting it go forever and it is wonderful. I'm more in tune with not taking on others junk and life is feeling light again. It's good. Forever there is personal work to be done but I'm in a good place. I can deal with what still lies ahead in my current place in life. My inner struggles. I've learned a lot on this trip home. I can tell Mazi has too. She is becoming so much more confident in herself.
She has desires already that are more than her needs.  She expresses herself and is communicating so well, I get her, I really do.
She is coming into her own, choosing what she likes in life and I have noticed she is feeling some of her first fears, which we all have to feel. I am here for her.
We are taking this journey together hand in hand. I love my Amazing Grace more than I can ever express, and all the mothers who read this know exactly what I mean!

Again I put out there...thanks! I feel such gratitude! 


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