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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The First Illness Strikes!

It happened, I knew it would. Amazing got sick, like we all do but this was her first. The first illness that took her, well, off her feet and into my arms 24/7.  Yes, I held my lil angel 24/7 for three days. She didn't want to do anything, there was no distracting her with toys, books, or even her obsession...babies!
 My nipples begged for a break as they were sucked on consistently one after another.  I could tell that Mazi's lil body was stiff, achy, and uncomfortable.
 She tossed and turned and cried in my arms, yet I could feel her exhaustion.  One day she slept, all day and all night. except for the waking every hour to cry uncomfortably and reposition her achy body.  My heart was broken but I knew that we all go through this and some 5, 6, 7 times or more before 16 months of age. This was her first illness.  I believe it was a case of the flu virus...WHAT!?! The flu you ask, isn't that suppose to kill babies and ruin them for life? No, the answer is no. We have all had the flu.  My baby has a strong immune system and nothing has compromised it as of yet, she is ready to fight what the world passes on. We have a good well rounded diet, Mazi takes vitamin D, & C daily as well as a probiotic she has been getting since 3 months of age.  She drinks water or coconut water only and is still 75% breastfed for her calorie income. She eats lots of fruits and vegetables, few organic GF snacks, nut butters (no allergies) she still doesn't eat sugar. She does eat some organic dairy foods like, whole cottage cheese, kefir, ghee and sometimes raw cheddar cheese.

 Mazi's illness started with a fever, I watched it, it lasted one day and only got to 101.8.  She slept the entire day.  Then, it turned to sneezing, a lil cough mostly at night and a runny nose. This is what I did to help my baby. I have studied a course on Holistic Health to be a Practitioner of Holistic Medicine. I use it on my family but know that I can share what helped us.

Once the fever started it was in the middle of the night, I sleep with her snuggled next to me so I knew she was warming up, I took her clothes off half way and snuggled skin to skin sending her healing Love (works wonders).
First thing in the morning I rubbed a cool cloth on her forehead and gave her Dr, Christophers "Kid-e well" My dear friend is an Herbalist and studied this Dr's wonderful cabinet of healing herbs.  BTW, EVERY over the counter medicine, even the natural elderberry syrups are not recommended for children under 2 years of age. These gentle herbs are easy for our bodies to recognize and utilize because they are simple and not filled with fillers or sugar. I used a dropperfull twice a day for the entire three days and then I just finish out the week cause these are used similar to antibiotics finish out the week is what worked for us. I also kept up with the daily vitamins and probiotics.

Once the fever broke and the cough started I filled up a humidifier, put peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in a diffuser and placed these by the bed at nighttime. Her cough was very mild and not deep at all. I cleaned out her nose with a nose frida every morning and night and anytime during the day that her nose kept running. This kept her passages clear since she hasn't learned to blow her nose yet, close, but not yet.

Each night I rubbed a beeswax rub of eucalyptus, and tea tree on her chest and back. Also, I mixed one drop of pure oregano oil from Doterra and a gob of coconut oil on the bottom of her feet to fight the virus, this I repeated morning and night while the cough and runny nose took over my baby.  She still wasn't back to her happy playful self so I knew this was taking a toll on her body and spirit.

I enjoy the healing power of nature and use lots of tools in this realm of medicine.

Mazi takes to crystals and stones really well. Energy is in all things and the Divine energy exists in these elements of nature.  They pull and attract just like anything that is composed of energy, so I use these to extract negative thoughts, energy, or vibrations from whatever needs healing.  Mazi will rub these on her head herself and shake them out when she is finished.  She allowed me to place them on her lungs, throat and head while I talked to her and told her what they are doing to her body.  I believe she is very receptive because she feels the healing power they contain.  Together, we worked to rid her body of what wasn't needed and after three very long days we were successful.  The fourth day she wasn't fully back to normal but I knew we were out of the dark woods when she would talk and play with her babies and treat them like patients, cleaning out their noses and rubbing crystals on them. For more info on crystals read this article

I know there will be more times of illness in our future and I have turned to so many wonderful mothers whom have helped me learn these skills of healing, love and patience. I want to return that favor and share my experience here.
I have felt so drained and empty myself from the energy I gave to Amazing Grace. I am thankful to have the healing power of Love that all us Mothers have and I am thankful to have the healing power of Mother Nature helping me out.  God is in all of nature and I felt that Divinity as I gave to my girl even when I was exhausted and couldn't really think straight myself.
Things are lookin much brighter!

Hope this helps those who are interested. In the moment, it is brutal but the learning is a triumph...This Too Shall Pass! I'm not even a religious woman and I use this passage so much!


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