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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Last month was such an intense roller coaster of emotions, events and energies. I felt them so strongly that I'm certain it was a planetary shift that is occurring. The moons are bringing change and awareness is more important now than ever before. 
I ended the month of October on a good vibe, knowing that I must keep my intentions and actions aligned so I don't get sucked into this chaos that is surrounding me. I see people everywhere struggling internally through physical illness, emotional distress and lots of depression and disconnection. On my journey, I have created intentions for November to first deepen my awareness and connection to my own physical body, cleansing and honoring it's function.
Then, to my spiritual awareness to the collective consciousness and allowing myself to be receptive and courageous to act on the energies that are needing to be here on this planet as we evolve into even more healing. We are globally out of balance in every way!!! 
Does this make sense to you? Good! No, you too have inner work to do too, we all have our part physically, mentally, and spiritually! 

November is the month of gratitude! I'm staying aligned to feel it daily, hourly and to put out there what has sparked the flame of my heart each day. I have put off writing for my words would have been negative and full of strong emotions that would come out harshly! We do to need more of this energy out there, even though it's real, it's what we are all facing right now. I tend to want to speak of the light of life. But, even as I speak this light I too feel the dark of my soul transforming. 

We have our religion, even if we say we have none, religion is any belief of any form. I find my strength is my Yoga!

I am so fully grateful to have this practice in my life! I have never found a more perfect place to safely transcend and face my biggest challenges of life then through my Yoga practice. It is on my mat, where I practice my life skills and my control of thought and useless old thought patterns. 

This early November morning as I make my way to the yoga studio for a private lesson, I am filled with a warm heart for my love of Yoga!! I see today my true self, I see my students true self and I see our ability to be humbled through humility. I feel the Divines light and I am present! Thank you Yoga for connecting me every day! 

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