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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Yes, I am very thankful for technology! It is because I live in this day and age I can be miles away, even continents away from dear family and friends but still connect daily! All I need is a small little device that fits in the palm, yes palm of my hand and is no thicker than a pack of gum. 

I can access information in seconds on any subject I choose...and it always correct, ok maybe not always, but it's helpful when I look at the right sources. 

I can take great photos and videos of my growing family and document my journey of life to share with all those I love! 

I have my favorite songs readily available when ever I need to blast them into my ears and dance like a wild woman!

I can help my Mazi get through long drives in the car with entertainment and educational videos, or help her tolerate those times when she just has to be with mom and it's kinda boring and her patience is really really tried! 

Or when I simply need to clean the house or cook dinner and she has already been playing with her toys and just needs to relax and kick back letting her mind drift off to colorful frozen land...
whatever it is this age of technology has really helped me out and I am glad I live in a time where I have access to it. 

Now just like anything else in life, too much of it can be a HUGE problem! It needs balance and it is easily getting out of balance hurting our social skills and our activity level and our brains for that matter (electromagnetic waves)! But the yogi in me teaches me to create my own balance and seek out long stretches in nature with no distraction from technology, to practice deep breathing and meditation with no distraction, to paint, draw or garden with no distraction. We all get to control our addictions and balance ourselves out. I enjoy practicing this skill in my life and teaching Mazi the same. 
Thank you technology, thank you Apple! This part of the advanced world is one I really embrace!! 

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