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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I am very glad we humans desired to communicate so much that we created language and writing and learned to steal trees for paper and place all our words into collective phrases and paragraphs that transpired into books! 

To hold a book, flip through its pages and  smell the fresh print is truly a pleasure of mine. As much as I love the instant information on the World Wide Web I am even more in love with reading a book. Holding it in my lap, closing myself off so no one can see my face and letting my mind focus and absorb the knowledge that's being poured out through language. 
I rarely read novels, but those too blow me away as I'm taking a drift on a journey.
 I prefer non-fiction and simply can't get educated enough...if only I could retain the information better!!! 

I only wish I had more time to dedicate to reading. 

Reading a book, sipping a beverage and releasing my mind to words is such a pleasure for me!

Thankful for BOOkS! 

...and mazi kinda likes them too!

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