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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Growing Pains!

The Peek family has been experiencing lots of growing pains. JJ got a new job and we are all transitioning to a new routine that is difficult for all of us.  We will be seeing less of JJ as he will probably have to be gone for several overnight trips during the month, as well as it is unpredictable to know when he will fly therefore leaving us living at the seat of our pants knowing that at any time he could have to take off and work for days. 
 Mazi has grown very attached to her daddy, his presence equals lots of rowdy play, laughter and fun. 
 I can't always give that to her as mothers also need to do house work, clean, cook and other tasks that aren't so fun for the wee folks.
 I love having JJ around cause he is warm and a great snuggler, nights with him are comforting and he almost always rubs my feet and body if I sit next to him on the couch, but I also love his time spent with Mazi.  That gives me time to catch up and sometimes even take a personal hour or two in the middle of the day to...breathe, bend and BE!  

Also, we are dealing with Mazi's growth spurt she's in.

 Mazi has grown an inch in three weeks, making nights restless and sometimes painful.  I massage her legs at night to help her cope, which takes away some of my own sleep and that isn't so easily made up!
 I will forever help her though if she needs my help in the middle of the deep dark night. 

The change in temperature has brought about the cold rain, oh how I would take cold cold snow over cold wet rain! I love the cleansing of the earth, but it's hard to be outside.  Both Mazi and I really enjoy our outside time!  

All in all growing pains=growing change and if there is one thing I love and embrace, it's change.  I know this change will lead to great things.  I feel that to be true!  I know that there is unconditional loving experiences ahead and that warms my soul. For now, I am thankful for the pain! 

The rainbow only comes after the rain!

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