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Friday, November 7, 2014


Its everywhere we go from elevators, hotel lobbies, restaurants, social events.  From the moment our family wakes to the time we hit our pillows and even throughout the entire night sometimes, we have music playing at our house.  
Music has marked the most precious moments of my life and it's a reminfpder of the most painful as well.  I love it, I love my life soundtrack and I enjoys seeing what the new hits become as we grow and mature...hopefully it's not all Disney hits and sing a longs, but ill take those too!  

Music is the medicine that once in your in sinc with an emotion it brings language and vibration together to penetrate deep into each cell creating the most perfect explosion and release of emotion and built up energy! Oh the magic it holds.  As simple as that. I. LOVE. MUSIC!!

...and so does my musically talented and loving family!

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