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Saturday, November 8, 2014


I LOVE tea!!!

 When I get a good cup of tea nothing else matters in the world. I am awakened from the flavor, the warmth and the effects on my body.   It's like I've always known tea was the perfect medicine for me, each time I take a sip I feel an old friend saying hi' I'm here!  
Today I found a perfect place to savor my thankfulness and Love for tea. High Garden Tea in Nashville has blown my mind!!! The shop is so quaint and rustic, comfort in every corner and BULK everything!! Love it dearly!

Oh how much I enjoy becoming grounded again. I thank the Earth for her healing nature and I am so glad I return to her first for advice or guidance when I'm in need of external medicine. She has always healed me. 

Tea glorious tea!  

I am cleansing all month of November and tea has become my bestest friend! 

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