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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Weekend!!

What a great birthday weekend. I was sad that I was away from my friends and family but JJ made it so wonderful I stayed fulfilled the whole time. He puts so much effort into taking care of me. I am so blessed.
It started off Sunday night when he presented me with an early birthday present. A hammock. We laid on it all night and watched a movie under the stars. It is so comfortable and we can lay together as a family baby and all and watch the moon rise or gather the suns rays!

The next morning I got to sleep in, which isn't too rare for me these days but still I LOVE it! JJ brought me breakfast in bed. Fruit with almond butter and juice. I ate some in bed then went outside and laid on the hammock for the rest. He took off to the store as I read and relaxed.
He came home and made me an ice cream cake with coconut milk vanilla ice cream and a layer of gingersnap/peanut butter filling with coconut milk chocolate ice cream on bottom. MMMM! The boy can cook!

I cleaned myself up and he took me to downtown Nashville to an art museum to see a fantasy art cool!
We met up with his mom for a chinese dinner and then to a movie "The Hunger Games" lets just say JJ said his hand hurt after the movie, so intense!

The next morning I wrote in my journal and he got all geared up for a day out on the Caney Fork river in a canoe. I packed a lunch and we were off.
Oh, the river was sooo gorgeous. It reminded me of the Yangze river in China. Rocky cliffs of limestone and luscious  green foliage everywhere you look. Everything in Tennessee is so green and beautiful, so much life here. We slowly paddled downstream and enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds and the trout jumping for bugs. We pulled off the side and had lunch in a green grassy field. We laid next to each other and snuggled for a while.
The weather was perfect and we were the only ones on the river, so private and peaceful. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am loving my adventures here and am thankful that even though I miss home at times, this feels very nice and I do appreciate this experience in my life. Baby's first canoe trip was a joyful success...Thank you JJ for being my sunshine everyday, I Love you more than you'll ever know!

Oh, I can't leave out that for dinner that night we had fast food 'chik-fil-a' oh yeah I ate chicken and I devoured it. Baby likes the fast food. Damnit! She must be her father's child. It was so dangerously tasty. In moderation I suppose, JJ loved it, he even had to snap a photo.

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